Chivas: ‘Nothing is Certain’

Chivas understands the hardest part of reaching the quarterfinals will be in the away game, but their coach is confident in his squad.

Despite the impressive 3-0 shellacking of Independiente Santa Fe at Jalisco Wednesday, the Chivas are not celebrating just yet.

“I think we took a good advantage, but we still have to play the away match,” said Guadalajara manager, Jose Manuel de la Torre.

“Over there it will be different,” added ‘Chepo’, “I think they’ll play us more aggressive, the fans will do their part.” But the rookie coach was quick to give his team a boost: “But we’re prepared for whatever happens.”

“I feel like my team is capable of securing the away victory if we play with the same intensity and disposition.”
Making his Copa Libertadores debut, Omar Esparza, who played with Mexico’s U-20 championship side, was happy with his contribution.

“It was a great night for me. To make my Copa Libertadores debut with a goal is a dream come true.”
Even outspoken Chivas owner, Jorge Vergara chimed in with his thoughts, as he assured that “three zip is enough and it’s clear we’re going to Bogota to win.”


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