Club Online Ordering Feedback

Thank you for placing an order with Eurosport’s Club Online Site. We value your feedback and hope you will share your experiences with us.


  • Chuck Ervin

    Thanks for you help in building an online order expereince. Your input will be vital to providing your memebership a super expereince.

  • Amy Blawas, CASL

    I thought the .pdf file was helpful – however a few notes:

    1) What about items not on the template? I always have a few players that want to order extra items.

    2) When you click on ‘enter’ quantities a drop down menu of all sizes comes up. I entered the quantities and then closed the list thinking it woud keep my quantities, etc. It does not. When I added to my gear bag they were gone. You have to leave the drop down list open which makes for a long list of items when you are done. I would suggest you order one item at a time (all sizes and customizations) and update the gear bag throughout the ordering process.

    3) When I clicked on the training pants it only dropped down size XL. What happens if you do not have the size listed that I need? I know I have several players order XS and S socks that were not on the order form previously?

    4) I like how you can save your cc and shipping information.

    5) Sizing will always be an issue – I am not sure the best way to handle it except as you have already done.

    Overall – I really like the site. I like the customization windows as you can see what numbers are ordered for what sizes. Again the biggest complicating factor for me would be trying to order items that are not listed and/or sizes that are not listed.

  • Milton Espinoza

    good just couldn’t customize items unless the customization was already on the site, i.e. what if a particular team had gotten a sponsor and wanted to put the name of that sponsor across the front of the jersey? or what if the team wnated to put the players name across the back of the jersey? thanks!

  • Kim Regan

    Trying to order a customized jacket. Our club automiatically gets the Club emblem on the jacket and this is noted when you click on the ‘customization options’. However I need to customize further with a player name and number which we have have done numberous times. On the hlep document it states that there is an additional options to click on to do additional customization (name, number etc) however this is not coming up as an option and there fore I can not continue/ complete my order that I would like to place.
    Also, for our club’s items, only the red shorts/ shirts/ socks are shown currently as items to order. Many of our teams are including the white kits as well (shirt/ shorts/ socks). Can you please add to our site?

    thanks- Kim from Stony Brook Soccer club

  • Ann Fetter

    In looking over this blog, I agree with the statements made regarding the ‘ENTER QUANTITIES’ drop down menus. I also was misled thinking that my ordering information for the item was saved if I selected ‘ENTER QUANTITIES’ again to remove the drop down list of items. Having those long lists when ordering team items is quite cumbersome.

    I have the same concern regarding items that do not show up on the list due to Eurosport being temporarily out of the item. How would a team manager indicate that we would still want the item for a team player even though it may need to be backordered? (AM black/grey socks come to mind for this last ordering period on our team.)

    I do appreciate that the Gear Bag contents were not deleted when I had to sign out and come back into the site later to complete my order. I did not have to reenter all the previous information. I just needed to make update the Gear Bag with new changes.

    Overall, I was able to enter what I needed and verify the order specifics and customization before submiting the order to be processed. I look forward to using the site for future orders.

    Thanks! Ann

  • Tim Myers

    I LOVE the new web ordering!!!!! One of my biggest headaches is getting the teams to order their stuff (the correct uniform, customization,….) and now it is done for them – AND – they get to see it before ordering.

    With 30+ teams to manage for my club – this system makes it easy!!!!! Also, since the teams have to put in their own credit card s- there are no payment hassles.

    Gret job Eurosport – keep it up!!!

  • Kansas Rush

    We are excited about the site. We have a few questions for you. When we added numbers to the backpack we were able to view it larger one time. Then we took the numbers off and could not view it larger. So I am not sure if the problem is with the view larger part of it or because we were trying to order the backpack without a number.

  • Darby Warmenhoven

    I thought the new system was great and easy to use. I only ordered a few items this time around, but I do think that it will be easy on large orders as well. I had a hard time at first updating the gear bag, but do not see this as a problem.

    The only thing that will keep our Club for using this all the time is that you cannot put the order on your account and have to use a credit card for payment. We do not have individual team credit cards or a Club credit card at this time, so all orders would have to be paid on a personal credit card and then reimbursed.

  • cutters online-judy

    First off! AWESOME! The club will be VERY happy with this.

    I am including suggestions and comments. These are all based on my 5 years of being uniform coordinator and having a good idea of what folks will need to get though here.
    On the women’s page – labeled youth items as youth ‘adidas YOUTH Libero jersey.’ This applies to jerseys, shorts, jackets and pants. Otherwise folks have to think for themselves that if it costs less, it must be for kids – that isn’t necessarily intuitive.
    When I first clicked on the white jersey ‘view’ in the women’s order sheet, all I saw was a blank white jersey. That was for the youth. When I viewed an adult size, there was a number. Don’t know if that was a function of my machine, user error, or the site.
    On the Santiago bags – the ‘view’ doesn’t show the customization. I would just say where the name will go and how big it will be and not offer the ‘view’ option.
    There is no option for further customization on the jackets. If that is a change, it is fine. But currently a lot of folks order these with a name or number on them.
    Can additional customization on bags and jackets include numbers as well? I am assuming the field is only alpha – can it be both? Also, we usually limit folks to one name (first or last), can that be explained in the order block, or should there be some rules from the club to be used when ordering?
    Will you all be preparing navigation directions, or do they already exist somewhere? Or should I plan to prepare some thing with screen shots and explanation for mangers to use?

  • Westsound Soccer

    The new online ordering of uniforms is great!! it has been so quick and easy for all of our parents to use. so much easier than emailing forms in and then billing the uniform out to the parents. this has saved us time and money. i am so happy we kept with eurosport and went to online ordering.

  • Wendy

    We love it and it makes the job so much easier. I’m hearing nothing but great from the parents. I ordered with you on the and had everything barely over a week later. Best thing that has happened for me in the 7 years with the club board. Wendy

  • Deanne Callejo

    Have an edit/delete option in all categories. Not just mailing/shipping/payment.


  • Deanne

    have an edit/delete option when ordering items – prior to submitting order. Similar to the edit option on shipping and payment methods.

  • Lisa Pearson

    It was pretty user friendly, until I wanted to look back on my order and wasn’t able to do so.
    Once I completed the form, I thought it was saved, but when I went back, the hour I had spent inputting the orders was a wash, because it was no longer on record. That was a frustration that I experienced.

  • Buenas
    Debo reconocer quee hasta ahora no me motivaba mucho elsitio,
    sin embargo ultimamente estoy visitandolo mas veces y me esta interesando bastante.

    Un saludo!