Dein Urges Henry To Stay

Arsenal’s vice-chairman David Dein has urged Thierry Henry to stay with the Champions League finalists, although is clearly clueless as to the Frenchman’s intentions.

Henry, who has been strongly linked with Barcelona for over a year, will have just one year left on his contract come the end of the season, but has refused to commit himself to the Gunners until the end of the current campaign.

However, Dein doesn’t believe he will base his decision on the clubs Champions League final next month.

He told BBC London: “I would hope his decision will not be based on one game, he’s far too intelligent for that.”

“He is one of the finest players to have played football generally, and you are now seeing someone at the peak of his profession.

“We want him to stay, the fans want him to stay and we hope he will stay. If he’s ambitious he should stay at Arsenal because we have got a new stadium and a young team coming through.

“We would like him to stay and be captain and take us on to even greater successes.”


  • Anonymous

    it would be great for him to leave the gunners because he is at the peak of his career and he can do much more with barca

  • joey

    thierry henry should not go to barcelona!!! barcelona is way over rated and he should remain on arsenal or a differnt team. A good team for thierry henry wopuld be chelsea. Even though chelsea in dominated already thierry henry would make a bigger impact on the team. Or he hsould be put on MAnchester United, they havent been doing so great in awhile.

  • gol

    no chelsea or man u! ugh! If he stays in the EPL, it should be Arsenal. the gunners need him, chelsea and man u have already bought so man y people, they are bloated with talent. Now, a switch to Liverpool would be outstanding, but it would never happen… if henry leaves, he should go to barça. it could be magical to see Ronaldinho and Henry on the same pitch for an entire season.

  • me

    seriously people…henry should go to barca because chelsea, man u, and real suck. I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thierry Henry should go to Bareclona.Ronaldinho and Henry would be the best team. With both of them out on the pitch they would domanite.

  • Mitch

    henry needs to go to barc ronaldhino and henry would tear it

  • marc

    And I’m only 1, and I know way more then you guys. Man Utd you guys suck.

  • marc

    i meant 14

  • barcaforlife

    why would he go to man u anonymous? the gunners and man u have a rivalry.. you think he’d just switch to his rivals team?

  • demarcus beasley

    I think that thierry henry should stay at arsenal.hes way to nice to go to barcelona. it would be fair because then the team would be way to good

  • demarcus beasley

    dont listen to ‘marc’ hes black and gay

  • El Gatto

    Thierry Henry is an amazing striker and leader on Arsenal. He his the Heart and Soul of Arsenal and can really fire things up. I believe Henry should stay with Arsenal only because if he go’s to Barcelona it would be to much of a glory match between him and Ronaldinho. That doesn’t mean i don’t like Ronaldinho, but here is the real question, who really needs him the most. For my choice I believe he should continue with Arsenal.

    P.S. The Champions League Final will come out to who wants it the most. Henry has it in the bag, GO ARSENAL.

  • anonymous

    i agree with beasley. henry is very good and the heart of arsenal. he should stay with arsenal and not go anywhere else.

  • matt

    Demetre is right, as long as eto’o is on barca henry wont have a spot on the team that wouldn’t totally change the way barca plays

  • G.T.

    Henry=Arsenal. It’s as simple as that.

  • Eric

    Henry should stay with Arsenal. That team is only going to get better, and Arsene should get credit for assembling and developing a great group of young talent. Chelsea is boring, and Man U plays a different style of game. Liverpool might be a decent match, but the quick passes through the midfield, the tricky play and international flair of Arsenal are better suited for his game.

  • gooneress

    henry IS arsenal and should stay
    i think he could regret it if he doesn’t