DeMerit Ready To Get In U.S. Mix

Watford center back Jay DeMerit is on cloud nine after receiving his first U.S. call-up from coach Bob Bradley.

The Wisconsin native is eagerly chasing his first international cap, but could miss their March 25th friendly with Ecuador due to a knock.

DeMerit expects to be ready for his U.S. debut three days later, when they tackle Guatemala.

“I’m elated,” he told a US Soccer podcast. “It’s definitely one of those things that all players dream about, so to be finally called up is a dream come true.”

“I’m excited just to be involved.”


  • yoyo

    It’s about time.

  • RcFutbolFreak

    I agree yoyo. Demerit should have been involved a long time ago. He will definately help the USA team.

  • Heath Young

    Definitely long overdue… I don’t know how a guy that has played a pivotal role on a Championship side and is now a Premiership tested (though soon to be back to the Championship) defender with Demerit’s work ethic and leadership qualities has been ignored this long.

  • kicks22

    Hi Heath. I think the US backline is better now than ever. I’m thinking Onyewu and Demerit in the middle. Add Boacanegra, Gibbs or Spector beside them and that’s very solid. Not to mention Conrad, who has decent experience now. Of course, there still needs to be a general in the middle of the field and a dangerous strikers…once again, defending and goalkeeping are the strengths of this team.

  • BOY!!!!!!

    kicks, you just had to get Young here going. Once he start’s there is no end. His post end up being as long as a dime store paperback copy of a Stephen King novel. Listen up kids’ & listen well! It doesn’t matter who the US of A get’s to play for you as your going to keep on losing far more games’ than you will ever win.

  • kicks22

    Heath, thanks for the breakdown. it was an interesting read. Is there any hope coming for the midfield? Seems like Beasley and Donovan both set expectations way too high during the 2002 World Cup run to the quarterfinals. And I don’t see Mastroeni taking control of this team either.

  • Jenson

    It really doesn’t matter who is in or out of the US mix. They will always lose more games than they will ever win. They don’t know how to play soccer.

  • Scotty

    Your very right about that.

  • john

    do any of you think the u.s. could benefit from some european coaching?

  • James Eltaha

    They had European coaching in the past, over twenty years ago. It’s not the coaching that’s the problem. It’s their base of players’ & the quality of those players’.

  • john

    well i think it’s safe to say the u.s. has improved over 20 years. wouldnt you agree?

  • James Eltaha

    Of course they have improved but as I mentioned they will win the odd game here & there but they will always be a side that loses far more matches than they will ever win. I’m not anti-American I base my views on their overall track record & besides. America isn’t a soccer nation & soccer will never be able to compete there with American football, baseball, basketball & even golf & that’s at the very core of the problem for American soccer.

  • RcFutbolFreak

    The problem with american soccer is that people dont grow up playing the sport. In other countries there are kids playing when they are very young and they parents encouraging it. In America Basketball baseball and football are the sports that are encouraged at the young ages. As for me an american whoes played soccer since i could walk i have to say the USA national team will never be able to compete against countries like Brasil Argentina and England untill soccer is more popular and the top athletes in the country start playing it.