Derby Misses Out On Wolff

Coca-Cola Championship side Derby County have failed in a $500,000 move for Kansas City forward Josh Wolff because the U.S. international could not obtain a United Kingdom work permit.

The veteran MLS scorer was being counted on to provide the Rams with instant offense, but even references like Bruce Arena and Everton coach David Moyes could not help his case.

Wolff has appeared in 48 games for the U.S. National Team, scoring nine times.

“We are especially disappointed as it was Billy’s belief (Wolff) would have formed the perfect partner for Steve Howard,” managing director Mike Horton told the club website.


  • brandon

    MLS should let the players go to europe, the united states won’t get anybetter if they don’t. screw mls! And why is clint dempsey only getting payed 89,000 a year???? Something is seriously wrong there.

  • Rasputin

    The reason Clint Dempsey is only making 89k a year is very simple …He stinks! He should be jumping for joy that he even makes that amount! America has never been known or will ever be known for world class soccer players. The USSF thinks to get a world class coach like Klinsman will solve all their problems well …It won’t! a great coach has to have quality players to build a great team. The American players just don’t cut it. Maybe if the USSF brought players in from the Womens National Team to play on the mens team they would do better. Topoi Suka!

  • Heath Young

    The reason Josh Wolf was unable to make the move to Derby county actually has nothing to do with MLS. He was denied a permit to work in the UK by the UK home office. MLS had already agreed to contract terms to let Wolf go. In fact, MLS supported Derby in the permit process as well.

    To be automatically granted a work permit in the UK, a player must have participated in 75% of his home country’s class A international matches in the past two years. Wolf didn’t meet that requirement, being around 68%. Derby County still expected the permit to be granted after the hearings where they are allowed to present their case, but was denied.

    Even though I will agree that MLS has been reluctant to let go of it’s star players in certain situations, the issue here actually lies in the UK permitting restrictions.

    As for Rasputin’s comments, I’m confused as to why he bothers. He’s never posted anything other than the ignorant stereotype that Americans can’t play football (as evidenced in his identical post on the Bruce Arena topic). So why continue to post on a US based board? Let’s have some comments that actually require some thought and analysis. At least Brandon’s comments are in an effort to discuss the issues with football in the US. No one thinks that a coaching change alone will solve all the problems, but a top tier coach and a revamping of the player development system are the places to start.

    To say Clint Dempsey ‘stinks’ just shows a lack of knowledge of the sport. It should have already happend, but you’ll see him in Europe next year. Onyewu flirted with it this year as well, and will be leaving Standard to move to a top European league in the next transfer windo as well.