Domenech Threatens Makalele Stink

France manager Raymond Domenech has recalled Chelsea ace Claude Makalele from international retirement, then hinted he would invoke a FIFA rule if the midfielder doesn’t wish to turn up.

“We had a discussion, but I didn’t ask for his opinion,” said the coach. “For me, it would be unthinkable to see a great player playing for a great club not playing for his national team.”

“A player who refuses to accept a selection is liable to a two-match suspension.”

France begin Euro2008 qualifying with a September 2nd visit to Georgia.


  • ForzaItalia

    Hey France, here’s a crazy idea. How about giving some younger players a chance? Obviously, Domenech doesn’t have a whole lot of confidence in the up-and-comers, since he keeps begging his older players to come play for the team.

  • Priscilla

    It’s never good to force someone to play, is he going to try and force Zidane to play. Then using national pride as a justification is a joke;he cares about the bottom line only. He simply realizes his time has passed and leave the Trezeguet and company.

  • Heath Young

    I would have to agree that it is unfair and certainly excessive to consider invoking this rule. Makalele has served France admirably for quite a while. Announcing his retirement from international play was and should be his own decision as a player. Invite him back up, sure. Appeal to him to come out of retirement and help the team, fine. Don’t force him against his will (which was made known publicly) and adversely impact his professional play. Invoking the rule with only hurt Makalele and his club, it will not help France.

    It’s simply unfair to a player like Makalele that has done so much for the French national program to treat him in this manner. He should thank him for the years of service rather than threaten him with football servitude.

  • derik

    frances manager needs to stop pms’ing