Donovan Nets Preki Feud

Weekend hat trick hero Landon Donovan says he can’t be bothered with complaints on his goal celebrations aired by Chivas USA boss Preki.

The Galaxy won the match 5-2, with the U.S. star infuriating the Goats by leaping for joy in front of their derby rivals’ bench after two fo the goals.

“I do not appreciate it, and we don’t appreciate it as a club,” said Preki after the game. “It shows a lot of disrespect.”

Donovan, however, had a different take altogether.

“If you don’t like me jumping to celebrate, then don’t let me score,” he told the Press Enterprise. “Secondly, I tried to apologize to him because he was upset about it and I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“If he is not willing to accept my apology, then he is not much of a man.”


  • Anonymous

    Donovan’s right. Its all about showmanship. You see it all the time in other leagues and there are no complaints. Preki was just being a poorsport about it.

  • Tesoro

    Get real this is not about disrespect;this is about The Mexican’s team disdain of losing to an american squad anytime, anywhere. Just look at their behavior after friendlies with a draw against Team USA let alone a win.