Donovan Winks At Bayern

Fresh off a hat trick on the weekend, Los Angeles ace Landon Donovan has reacted favorably to a persistent transfer link with Bundesliga kings Bayern Munich.

FC Hollywood appears prepared to wave goodbye to Lukas Podolski in January, and could return with a new enquiry for the Galaxy man should that attacker slot become vacated.

Donovan, who had two unhappy stints with Bayer Leverkusen, had often spoken of playing in England or Spain – but it appears the thought Bayern have reopened the doors to Germany.

“That’s one of the best teams in the world,” he told Soccernet “As of now, I’ve got to worry about what’s going on here, but if January rolls around and there’s interest, and the league is willing to discuss it, I would be excited to talk about it.”

“There have to be teams interested, so there’s a lot of ifs – but if a team like Bayern Munich came calling, you don’t really turn them away without thinking about it.”

“I would love for it to happen,” he declared. “It’s up to the league, it’s up to the Galaxy and it’s up to me.”



  • Anonymous

    one of the best teams in the world? i think not
    even with all those star players and their money they cant even give a contest to werder bremen
    if they were even close to being one of the best teams they would at least be in the champions league
    theyre rubbish even teams like roma, ajax and man city are of more quality

  • the champ

    They are in the champions league genius

  • Anonymous

    ok well they still suck

  • Anonymous

    comparing them to werder bremen doesn’t say anything, its a rivalry. and the last time they played each other, Munchen won 4-1 at Bremen. It was bound to happen this year to them.
    and they are in the champions league, and if they sucked they wouldnt be in the group stages favoured to make it through to at least the quarter finals..
    you sound like a Schalke 04 fan

  • Anonymous

    anonymous you should never talk about anything soccer related again because you don’t know what you’re talking about…bayern is in the uefa cup not the champions league they are two different things.

  • kop

    Bayern won the Bundesliga last year, so they’re in the champs league this year. they just played Lyon the other day. They missed out on CL the year before. Any way, they are top quality team – they’ve got Luca Toni, Ribery, Klose, Ze Roberto, Schweinsteiger… now that I think of it, if Donovan played with Munich, how would he ever see any time in a game? Podolski couldn’t even break the lineup.

  • mighty blues

    to all you Bayern haters… WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???? Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga last year.

  • Stewart

    Let’s not forget that Bayern has 4 Champions League trophies.

  • greg

    they should get rid of toni he is a loosy goosy tall lanky inconsistent fellow, he looks like he is always about to fall when he is dribbling. however donovan should transfer to bayern if no other good teams from other countries offer him. ii think he would be much better off playing in another league since he has already been to germany

  • jake

    i think he should go play over seas he will do good over there and if he did leave well LA will go down hill fast