Dunga Applauds Ghana Effort

Brazil boss Dunga gave due credit to friendly foes Ghana after they held the Samba Kings to a 1-0 midweek victory in Sweden.

The Seleçao hung on from a 17th minute Wagner Love goal to defeat their World Cup 2006 opponents.

“Ghana came playing hard and marking well,” rated Dunga. “Their squad was set up nicely.”

“We should have moved the ball around more often, waiting for the right opportunity,” he offered. “Once we scored, we just tried to control the game.”


  • wolfen

    Ghana like other african countries have come a long way,they were a good team in the past WC,losing to the cup winners,and beating the US & Czechs,Ivory Coast ,Senegal etc.. all this teams have tehir players scattered through out Europe ,thus they are nothing to sneeze on.Long live the beautiful game football.