EL Tri Hero Pardo Ready For U.S.

Fresh from a second half winner to see off Gold Cup darlings Guadeloupe, Mexico star Pavel Pardo is eyeing the chance to finally break their American slump against the U.S. National Team in the final.

“In life you get opportunities,” stated the Bundesliga champion. “The last year has been tough and we’ve been unable to beat the U.S in U.S. territory – but like I said, in life you get opportunities.”

As far as the beaten underdogs, Guadeloupe coach Roger Salnot.

“We feel proud,” their coach he told reporters. “We came into this competition with no pressure on our backs.”

“We came to play good football and to let people know that Guadeloupe are a good football team.”


  • ed

    Looking forward to the game and as always you can count n 3 things.

    1/ USA wins

    2/ Mexico plays dirty and exhibits poor sportsmnship (cheap shots like their goalkeeper did after USA scored the winning goal during the last match). No class

    3/ The crowd will spit and throw objects at
    our players

  • Dave

    It’s just gonna be another losing encounter between two teams that lose far more games than they ever have won so yeah ur right but when you said poor sports, cheap shots, & no class you should have included the US as well as they are no Angels. Also keep in mind these two kickball teams come out of the weakest region for soccer in the world dude!

  • wake up

    actually the region with australia adn new zealand is the weakest soccer region closely followed by asia

  • Dave

    Uh, wake up dude. Actually Australia did much better than the losing US team in the world cup. Italy had to take a dive to beat them! As for your precious US well dude they got punked big time! Three games, lost two, Tied one & the only reason they got the tie was because Italy out of the kindness of their hearts scored an own goal for them! As for the region the US plays out of. Most of those countries are so dirt poor they are lucky if they show up with matching uniforms! You Americans have nothing to be proud of in soccer except the womens’ natioanl team. Thats it dude! Your mens team is weak & stinks!

  • Keeeper King

    Well at least it will be a game to watch on t.v. and the U.S. will win because Mexico has been not so good during this tournement and also there will be a lot of poor sportsmanship. But we all can still cheer for the toon (Newcastle United). Peace. Out.

  • Ronaldinho

    The U.S.A. will surely win. For they are the best team n the world they are way beter than brasil.

  • Chuck Norris

    Why does mexico call themselves El Tri?

  • Dave

    Yo King, what does Newcastle have to do with the losing US & Mexico playing eachother? Uh, Chuck, the reason Mexico calls themselves El Tri is they are refering to the colors of their national flag Anyway its gonna be another boring game, between two very weak national sides. I’d much rather sit on the front porch & watch the grass grow on the front lawn. Think I would find that more interesting.

  • Keeeper King

    You know what puzzles me the U.S. has more soccer players (in organized leagues) than any other country in the world and tehy still lose. You think people would start getting better.

  • Dave

    Yo king, the reason being is is most countries in Europe & South America soccer is more looked at as a religion & it’s the major sport in those countries. Dudes have been playing soccer in America for over 100 years & they will never get it right in the US. The US will always be one of the more weaker national sides in international soccer. Thats just the way it is.

  • Ken

    Keeeper it shouldn’t puzzle you. Soccer at the adult level in America has never been, or ever will be considered an important sport. Soccer is a sport which requires not only good skills to play but a good mind to be able to understand tactics & be able to read the game so when you consider that in America a stupid boring game called baseball is looked at as being a great sport it’s pretty easy to see Americans’ lack the normal amount of brain cells required to have what is considered a soccer brain.