England can play like Brazil – Scolari

Chelsea boss Luiz Felipe Scolari believes the English game is on track to match the style of Brazil by playing with flair as well as power.

Scolari believes this weekend’s clash against Manchester United will be an exhibition of “beautiful” football, with the Premier League improving standards every year.

“English football is fantastic and they have very good players,” Scolari said.

“They play now and I think in two, three, four or five years in the future the players could be, like you say, playing like Brazil.

“Before in Europe just one national team played like Brazil. Now it’s many countries do but before it was Yugoslavia. I think in England in a few years they play the same as Brazil and the Brazil national team.”

Part of the learning process for English clubs has been keeping hold of possession.

Scolari has been known to stop training sessions after just 10 minutes if he feels his players are not passing as instructed.

“I don’t want to put the ball 40 metres in front and lose it,” Scolari said.

“I want the ball at my feet. I spend 50% of my training time on this every day.

“Now the game has changed. After the last 10 years it has been changing well.

“Coaches have come from other countries and given more and mixed ideas. Arsene Wenger is French, I’m from Brazil, Juande Ramos for Spain, and Rafael Benitez.

“In Spain they play football and they do not like the long ball. This is what I think they changed in England. If the football is there with the power then it will be very good.”


  • celestin

    I lika wacth Ronaldo play the soccer

  • Jadran Babic

    Yugoslavia was THE ONLY country not only in Europe but in the whole world that played like Brazil. Technical. Pure skill. No mechanical crap like Germans and English do. Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia . . . Talents out of this world. Dejan Petkovic, Serbian born but playing in Brazil for many years. Won the championship title with Flamengo 2009 and was announced as the best player in the league. And where is he from again??? 🙂