England cruise over US in friendly

Captain John Terry helped England produce their most impressive performance of the Fabio Capello era with the opening goal in a 2-0 win against the United States at Wembley.

The Chelsea defender had something to smile about after his Champions League final penalty shoot-out agony when he headed Fabio Capello’s side into a 38th-minute lead.

Steven Gerrard made sure of victory 14 minutes into the second half when he converted a slide-rule pass from substitute Gareth Barry.


  • Ed

    Major disappointment, not one USA player
    made an impression. I was really looking
    forward to this one and thought USA could
    pull an upset. USA looked lost.

  • kicks22

    I totally agree Ed. They were outmatched and didn’t bring the intensity.

    I wish Altidore and Donovan could have played. I’d also like to see Adu play a lot more. I’m afraid Wolff has gotten more than his share of chances and hasn’t produced.

  • giova****

    The reason th
    US looked lost is because the players are already understanding and implementing Capellos tactics and style of play. Every team that plays England from here on in shoul expect to be shut out and scored upon. Fear England—my darkhorse pick for 2010. By that time Capello will have fine tuned the high quality players which England posess and give them a togetherness and team mentality which England lacked. This is just the beginning and for the record I am not an England fan. My team is

  • Snaves

    I don’t think that they’re dark horse even now. They are about to take the world by storm, although I’m still not sure that Capello’s tactics could ever shut out the Brazilians or the Argentineans (or even the Italians, for that matter) because of their creative style of play. When creativity is the main tactic employed by a team, you never get the same thing twice. While in other systems, weaknesses will be found and exploited over time.

  • Lucas

    So upsetting so see what looked like a total lack of confidence on the U.S. side. The U.S. can play with England. They are not better, but they can play with them. You would never know that from the showing they put out. Ever American was waiting for one another to make a cunning move and no one ever did. Seriously, they looked intimidated. On the flanks, playing balls into the area without any opposition near them. And England were wise enough and certainly happy enough to let that continue. What a Shame. I really love Wolffy and I’m glad ge got overseas but his time has past for the USMNT. Why waist a call-up/cap on someone who is not going to be in the picture in any major competitions. If European exp is what they wanted against ENG, there are plenty of guys playing that would have benefited (personaly and the team) from that kind of action. I love Bradley too, but if we are going to play against top sides, he needs to bring it.