Fergie Hails Scholes' International Retirement

Sir Alex Ferguson believes Paul Scholes’ international retirement has benefited the midfielder and is one of the reasons for his superb form this season.

The experienced midfielder, who hung up his boots after Euro 2004 to spend more time with his family, is due to return from suspension at the weekend and Ferguson hopes the break will give Scholes and the title challengers a welcome boost.

“Paul regards family life as very important,” Ferguson told Sky Sports News.

“He knows the travelling with the international team is tremendous and coming to his age, I think he felt it was time to give more time to his family. That is the reason he gave up international football.

“His form this season has been absolutely fantastic and now we are getting him back fresh after a little break.”


  • Scotty

    Scholes is such a good player & has such good vision as well. I always enjoy watching him play as besides being able to find the back of the net at will he’s a born killer with sending somebody through with a picture perfect pass. It’s good Scholes is back for United as they will need him for the final push in Champions League as well as the final run of the EPL.

  • U. Albert

    You know what makes Manchester United such a good side! They are United! They are a close knit group! They stick together & they have a fine manager! You don’t see all the discontent at United like so many other big clubs. You don’t see their players’ running to the press to whine & cry like so many other clubs do. That’s because they have respect for each other, respect for the manager, & respect for the club. The only time I can think of when they had a player lacking class & respect who ran to the media was Beckham & he only got away with it once & then was sent packing to Madrid & we all know what the outcome was there. Manchester United has had good years & bad years. So far it’s been pretty good for them this year. Still they stick together & just that fact deserves respect. It’s the most popular, famous, & loved club known the world over. I wish them all the best as they are a good side.

  • Tim Cullen

    Everybody loves Manchester United! The most popular team in the world!

  • Scotty

    United were actually down a goal today to Blackburn but roared back to sink them with four goals by four different United players’ mind you. This is one of their strengths. They have so many players’ that can score for them. Even the backs sneak up & score. This is good as many teams out there depend on only a few & sometimes just one player to hit net for them.

  • giova * * * *

    Man U better make it to the European finals this year because right now is their best shot. Next year it will be difficult to reach them without Christiano Ronaldo.

  • Tim Cullen

    Man soccer is going to the dogs. It’s getting as bad as pre-packaged WWF on tv with all the before game trash talking. I just read Roma’s players’ have pretty much made direct threats against United’s Ronaldo saying he wont be able to hide behind the referee. How stupid to say in public before a game they intend to hurt him. Then it’s the same thing with Denmark. Guess they said when they meet Portugal they also want to hurt Ronaldo. Again pretty stupid & it’s not right for people like that to be able to make such ignorant comments. Now it was reported FIFA are getting involved. Something needs to be done about this to put a stop to it.

  • Scotty

    Your right theres no place for any of that in soccer. It’s bad enough that fans’ the world over go to game a lot of the times not to watch the games but to start fights’ & trouble. Of course games can get tough on the field & players’ play hard. People get hurt. It’s part of the game. Only an idiot would say before a game that he intends to hurt another player. An educated professional that doesn’t have mental issues would never say that. I play & I go out in games & take my knocks like anybody else & sometimes when I’m dealing with a hack of a defender that is out to injure me I might give a bit back now & then but my intention is to always play fair. FIFA needs to do something for once & make an example of hack players’ that make stupid threats like that. It’s not making the game any more popular that’s for sure.

  • Spivey Point

    Yes Scotty things have become somewhat out of hand with violence in soccer. It’s always been there but now it’s reared it’s ugly head all over the globe. Almost every country now has problems with violent fans’ that follow soccer except maybe the United Staes but soccer is so boring in America there’s nothing to get excited about. Sad to say but it’s a sign of the times we live in. We are living in a world on edge, almost on the brink of something very bad. I hope things get better in this world.