Fergie's Right-Hand Man In USA's Sights

U.S. Soccer have found their next top target, Manchester United assistant Carlos Queiroz.

Queiroz, Sir Alex Ferguson’s top assistant at Manchester United, has long been rumored one of the top prospects to land the U.S. coaching vacancy, and even more so now following Jürgen Klinsmann’s decision not to take the job.

The Sun published a report Friday quoting a source close to the process, “Carlos is the top choice. His work in helping the MLS has not been forgotten. We will do everything to get him.”

What has Carlos Queiroz done for MLS, USA’s top-flight league? Queiroz was the mastermind behind U.S. Soccer’s Project 2010, a program designed in 1998 as a blueprint for future success of the U.S. men’s national soccer team. Queiroz’s “Q-Report” was the fulcrum for the program.

Ironically, “Project 2010” refers to USA’s ambition to field a team capable of winning the 2010 World Cup, a tournament to which Queiroz likely would lead the Americans if he indeed ends up with the job on a full-time basis.

MLS, as the source quoted in The Sun hinted, has been a driving engine in the improvement of the American player. Specifically, the league has engaged in a youth development initiative designed to place promising young American prospects into the league at a young age, the belief MLS could develop and improve talents faster and better than the college system. Generation adidas is the name of the current program.

Former U.S. assistant and Chicago Fire and Chivas USA head coach Bob Bradley, a finalist himself, was named interim coach earlier this month. U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati, though, said USA will be spending the next six months pursuing some foreign-based candidates, one of them Carlos Queiroz.

Queiroz, 53, was born in the Portuguese colony of Mozambique. He rose to stardom with his management skills, credited with unearthing the “Golden Generation” of Portuguese players from the famous 1989 and 1991 U-20 World Youth Championship-winning sides. Luis Figo and Rui Costa were among the players led by Queiroz.

Queiroz’s management resume has a bit of everything U.S. Soccer brass could possibly want. In addition to his successful spell as Fergie’s number two, Queiroz has managed such giants as Sporting Lisbon and Real Madrid. He also has experience managing at the international level (South Africa) and in MLS (MetroStars).


  • Teddy Bear Tom

    What a joke, the ussf is now degrading it’self once again & chasing after again like some puppy dogs. American’s think anything can be bought with a little money. Nobody want’s to coach the loser americans, thats right, losers thats what they are when it comes to soccer & america will never be number one in soccer. America should stick to pickup soccer games of kick the ball & chance it. Bunch of losers.

  • Grizzly Bear Greg

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    What a joke, losers!

  • Polar Bear Reggie

    Oh yeah man you Bears just nailed it! The American’s are desperate & can’t handle the fact they are not the best in the world when it comes to soccer & they never will be ..Yeah! American’s are hated so much at the world cup they had to travel back and fourth in an unmarked bus! American’s are losers in soccer, the bottom of the barrel! Yeah!

  • soccer_crazy

    You guys are crazy!!! Americans are just as good as anyone!!! You guys just hate playing us!!! Even though Mia Hamm is good and she is from Italy (I think) doesn’t mean squat. I’m all up 4 her and i’m 4 USA 2!!!!!

  • Teddy Bear Tom

    All other national teams love to play the American national team as it’s an easy win! Face it. America will never be a world power in soccer. Your national team’s a joke & no quality international coach is willing to coach your sorry team! …Yeah!

  • Polar Bear Reggie

    American’s good as anyone? Yeah right! American’s are so good they cant even make it out of the first round of the world cup. What a losing bunch the American national team is. American’s lack the basic mentality to even play soccer. America needs to face the facts & that is you cant be number one at everything. America will never ever be a world power when it comes to soccer & since soccer is known as the world’s game & the king of all sports these facts must really burn American’s in general since they all have such huge egos which is a reflexion of their ignorance. America! The whipping boys’ of international soccer! Bravo!

  • Delbert Grady

    The American national team really is a sorry lot. No talent at all with not one player having anything near being a mind for the game. They use no tactics at all. They just kick the ball & all chase after it like a bloody pack of stray dogs. No talent, no skill, no brains, no class.

  • Anonymous

    world cup champs 2014 usa!..and for the guy that used loser 100 times ..man your u must like that word…i think ur in denial i think ur the loser

  • DynastySoccerFC … Rasputin

    I doubt that is going to happen. The USSF has again shot it’self in the foot. At this point in time America does not have what it takes to win any world cups in the near future. You have to be realistic & look at America’s track record on the international scene. They just don’t have the talent or savy to compete with the world powers of soccer & the USSF is not making the situation for the national team any better.

  • Chris

    I recall team USA holding the current world champions at bay with 9 men. We would have done alot better if the ref’s wouldn’t have thrown cards at us like it was Christmas every single game for non bookable offenses. Lets face it FIFA was nervous and told their officials to keep USA down. Old Europes days are numbered and they know it.

  • yoyo

    Chris, I also remember team USA getting blown off the pitch by the Czech Republic. I want to see the US make strides internationally too, but they’re still a few steps away from being a real power. I also thought the refs at the world cup sucked, but don’t get caught up in some conspiracy theory. We need to get better.

    Getting a experienced coach could help, and Quieroz might be the guy. But I’m not sure the USSF has evolved far enough to get him. They sure did screw it up with Klinsmann. It seems we’ve taken a few steps back from our Quarterfinal showing in 2002.

  • DynastySoccerFc … Rasputin

    Yoyo & Chris …

    First of all Yoyo I must say your comments are realistic & you see the situation with the American team the way it really is so your thoughts have to be respected. As for Chris, your way way off base. The powerhouse teams of Europe & Latin America do not have their day’s numbered by any means. The reason those teams do so well time & time again, year in, year out is they have a healthy & strong soccer culture in their countries where in America they simply don’t have it. I agree with Yoyo, There was no conspiracy against the American team. All the teams were being slammed with cards he entire world cup as that’s what FIFA instructed the ref’s to do to keep control on the field.The USSF had Klinsmann but let him go due to their ignornace. They wanted him just for his name & were not going to give him the complete freedom to coach & select players as well as restructure the entire USSF soccer program from the youth level up as that’s what he told them had to be done which was the truth. Face it Chris. In America you will hardly hear much about soocer for the next four years compared to the other major sports there & all of the sudden in 2010 the USSF like always be expecting the national team to go all the way in the world cup which is typical of their limited thinking as it won’t happen. Of course Team USA will get through their regional group to get into the world cup but it’s because other than playing Mexico they always have a weak regional group to play in. If Team USA had to qualify in Europe or South America they would chances are never make it into the world cup. People like you Chris, want to blame everyone & everything under the sun for your failure. You can’t take the truth unless it’s glazed in sugar. You have a lot to learn.

  • Bruno

    Uh, Chris,

    Italy’s won the world cup ….FOUR TIMES!!!! How many times has America won it? The game with Italy/USA at this years world cup was a foul fest. Almost as bad as the Holland/Portugal game. It was very clear the USA game plan was to go out & foul against Italy. Italy’s only poor showing was against the American’s & it was not due to the American’s skill it was because Italy decided to take the bait & play foul ball! As for the other two games USA had you were out classed! You only had two goals scored in three games with one of them being an own goal that Italy put in for you. You had an early exit not because of bad refs & calls but because you have a weak team!

  • James

    All you American bashers are just a bunch of irrational idiots that can’t come with anything constructive to say. There is something not to like in every culture/country – so don’t act like every non-American in this world is a saint. What a bunch of ridiculous postings. By the way – granted we have catching up to do in soccer/football/futball/fusal, but you know what – don’t be scared just because we, as a nation, are starting to pay more attention to it. Face it, you know we have the best athletes in the world, they just don’t play soccer – at least not in the past. Things are changing boys, so don’t wet your diapers!

  • Uncle Sam

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  • Teddy Bear Tom

    The USA is a joke in soccer they will never amount to anything. Down with USA!