Figo Agent Mutes MLS Talk

Luis Figo’s agent insists the star wants to stay at Inter Milan – but might consider a move to MLS if the club do not want to extend his deal.

The 35-year-old has been linked in the Portuguese media with a move to Major League Soccer, but Miguel Macedo claims his player is happy at the San Siro.

Macedo said: “It doesn’t make any sense, all these reports that he’s moving to the United States. It’s just speculation.”

Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha claimed earlier this week that Figo had agreed a two-year deal with AEG – the parent company to Houston Dynamo and Los Angeles Galaxy.

But Macedo added: “At the moment there is nothing with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

“He has got a contract with Inter. He expects to extend it. If the club does not extend it, yes, he will consider – as he has said publicly – going to the United States.”


  • mike

    go to the mls please!!!

  • anonymous fan

    no don’t go to mls!!

  • mike

    why not, figo is probably one of the best wingers of all time! he can put buts in the seats and he can inspire players around him.

  • Firestarter

    come to England. MLS sucks

  • soccerwiz

    Stay in Europe! The MLS isn’t good enough for you. Just don’t go to the EPL, it’s too good for you at this point. There are plenty of clubs in your area that would want you. If you came to the U.S. your skills would not be appriciated as much as they would be in places like Spain or Italy.

  • SoccerMan9000

    MLS would probably give Figo a lot of freedom and opportunity. For an ‘aging’ player it would enable him to play very competitively.

    Just at least try to keep an open mind about MLS. I want soccer to grow in the USA and having big name players come here helps immensely. The level of play in MLS has increased in the past couple years and it will continue to get better. I don’t kid myself about MLS being on-par with top leagues like the EPL, but I think we all should support our domestic game and it’s players.

    Also, maybe I’m being a bit selfish, but I actually want to see Figo play live and on TV. We here in the US don’t get much opportunity to do either.

    In any case you must assume that $’s are going to be a big part of the equation no matter where Figo goes.

  • daniel

    come to liga mexicana…. jjajjaja