Fiorentina, Lazio Reinstated to Serie A; Juve, Milan Penalties Reduced

The big four Italian clubs smacked around by the punishments handed down from the match-fixing scandal just five days after Italy won the World Cup have used appeals to soften the blows.

Juventus will remain in Serie B to start the season, but the Old Lady had her 30-point deduction to start the season reduced to 17 points.

Fiorentina and Lazio were the biggest winners. Both clubs were Serie B-bound until the appeals; now they have been reinstated to Serie A. Fiorentina will start the new campaign with a 19-point deduction, while Lazio have been hit with an 11-point deduction.

AC Milan were never relegated to Serie B as an outcome from the match-fixing verdict, and now the Rossoneri have seen their 15-point deduction to start the season nearly halved to just eight points. However, Milan fans will be disheartened by the news that the decision to ban the club from European competitions this season has been upheld.


  • hugh

    this is idiotic

    its like in baseball that the government should HAVE TO step in first off and in this case should have left it up tp the soccer bodies

    the penalties they were originally given were fair because you CANT set up whos gunna referee your games, but you should have let the teams involved suffer

    this gives juventus a chance to come back to serie A next season and one season isnt realy a punishment

    and in fact i was dissapointed in the beginign that milan werent relegated

    i thought all of them should be relegated and forced to be in sserie B for at LEAST 2 years but what do i know according to the appeals commitee???????

    all i know is that this sends the wrong message to teams

    it says that they can rig the leagues and well just say
    oh ok go along its ok

    we cant do that

    relegate them all

  • Tony p

    The new sentence is a complete disgrace,it just goes to show what money and power can do. how can Milan be kept in serie A and allowed to play in the champions league ??? How is the most corrupted team of all (Juventus) who robbed numerous championships be relegated to only serie B with 17 points of penalties ?? When just a year ago Genoa was dropped from serie A to C1 for trying to bribe ONE game??. What ever happened to the real game ?

  • kicks22

    I agree, this appeals decision has only taken a sketchy situation and made it look even shadier. I guess the Italian powers don’t care if they have a credible league or not. If the Italians can’t straighten themselves out, UEFA needs to relegate the entire league from Champions League play.

  • Tony p

    unfortunately,money talks and bull**** walks.