Fitness Is Priority #1 For ‘Nats

Brian McBride says the goal for the Red, White and Blue is to stay fit.

After coming through three games in six days with a couple of setbacks, U.S. striker Brian McBride stated that World Cup form isn’t their first concern at this time.

The Fulham man believes they can get a more solid idea of where they stand performance-wise after arriving in Hamburg later this week.

“It’s hard to judge where we’re at,” said McBride after firing the only goal of the game against Latvia on Sunday night.

“The most important thing is getting through them and getting fitness.”

Defender Cory Gibbs picked up an injury against Morocco in the first match of the Send-Off Series that has ruled him out for World Cup, and captain Claudio Reyna picked up a minor knock in the same game.


  • he’s absolutely right. The Us isn’t as tecnical as brazil or as tactical as Italy but we have fast and powerful players who can make the difference. since that’s our strong spot we have to make sure that it’s at the top and our players need to be fit.

  • Anonymous

    Brazil will win the Word Cup and the English will loose in their bracket. GO ROBINHO

  • Anonymous

    the US will top the group, beat Croatia, then beat the swiz, then make it to the semi’s, we will beat the english, make it to the finals and beat brazil 1-0!



  • charlie

    what is key is that all players that play outside the U.S. (beasley, mcbride, bocanegra, keller, and others play at their best in germany to bring the trophy to its rightfull home, U.S.A

  • Brandon

    Fitness is very key, thats for sure. You cant win or do well in a world cup enless your team is fit.

  • red white and blue power

    By studying a little history we all know that all of the top civilizations in the past have come to an end. such as the roman empire, the persians, ect. all of these top teams in soccer will still be good but thy powers will fade away with teams such as the USA!!!!

  • no red card for me