France Players Were Racially Abused – Domenech

France coach Raymond Domenech has claimed that his players were subjected to racist taunts by Spain fans before Tuesday’s second round tie, which France won 3-1.

Domenech said: “When I arrived with the bus there were fans making monkey chants.”

Spanish football hass been plagued by instances of racism in the last few seasons.

In 2005 the national coach, Luis Aragones, was given a modest fine for making racist remarks about France’s Thierry Henry. And a number of black players have suffered racist abuse in Primera Liga and Champions League games.

Aragones’ comments about Henry were the most notorious, and Henry was particularly pleased that France beat Spain in Hannover on Tuesday.

The Arsenal striker said: “A lot of people were speculating about Aragones and I don’t want to talk about it because there is no point.

“But the best answer was the win.”

In November 2004 FIFA fined the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) £44,750 after several England players were racially abused during a friendly match in Madrid.

And last year Real Zaragoza and Racing Santander fans racially abused Barcelona forward Samuel Eto’o during league matches and were subsequently fined by the RFEF.

FIFA warned on Wednesday that they will suspend national associations that fail to impose tough new rules on racism that come into force in July.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter said the regulations – including deducting points from clubs and countries whose fans are guilty of racist offences – were mandatory.

“The first responsibilities lie with the national associations and if they are not doing what is expected of them then FIFA’s executive committee must intervene,” said Blatter.

“The power and the responsibility lies with FIFA and the suspension of a federation is the ultimate sanction available to the disciplinary committee.”

He added: “This is a fight against a devil that still exists, unfortunately, in our sport.”


  • Danylo

    I absolutely hate this racial stuff by these fans to the french players, they’re just jelious that world class players like Thierry Henry and Samuel Eto’o are better than these unnacceptable fans and these slurs

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe for the life of me while some stupid airheads (gotta watch my language here)would taunt someone just because of the colour of their skin. What pigs some people are. Racisim just makes me so mad I just want to break stuff. Maybe these people are just intimidated of players like Thierry Henry and Samuel Eto’o who have more talent in one fingernail than they do in their whole body. It really burns me up when I hear stuff like this. Especially when I hear that someone like Spain’s coach , Luis Aragones (or however you spell his name, I really don’t care) is calling Thierry Henry a ‘black s***’. I guess it came back to bite him in his racist butt because France whupped his Spaniards 3-1.
    I think that the stadiums should start a book like casino’s do. If someone is caught cheating in a casino, thay take their picture, and send it to other casinos, therefore banning that person from not just that casino, but any casino. I think they should work this the same way but with racisim. Book them and ban them from everywhere. That’ll keep those diry buggers out of our beautiful game.
    I don’t know, but that is just my opinion.

  • Antonio

    good, actually GREAT idea, ‘anonymous.’
    that’s spmething easily implented, and I think that’s how the English leagues were able to rid themselves of the hooligans (at least at home, abroad… well, that’s another story). so it’s something that ought to be done. we’re in the year 2006, not 1706!!! racist behavior is 100% INTOLERABLE and UNACCEPTABLE. always was, always will be.
    here’s to the beautiful FANS!

  • Revelian S.N

    Raccist behaviour!!! I want any one to answer me; Who has got better talent betwee black & so called white person? If you will get the right answer, there will be no racism.

  • johnstone tuks

    spain needs a thorough punishment & clumbing down by fifa or else they will stain our game……those perrenial under-achievers!

  • Revelian S. N

    Racisim should be ignored particularly the moment of victim performance. what spanish fans including their players are now now is to play with the minds of people(Victims of racism. But for sure, I know that they know the truth that when it comes a point of using mental ability to perform better,there is no racism influences! Wether they taunt their fellow innocent players and chant like monkeys, goats, cats, dogs,entelope,gorilas or even like a corocodile,their consistent and intelligent performance will obvious sustain. My piece of advice to spanish fans whom I always fail to distinguish their colour from morocco people(African) because of neighbourhood(and i think they relate)that they have to leave the talented players alone and concentrate to other relevant matters. I believe FIFA is very aware that the struggle to eliminate racism from the soccer ever loved most in the world are now starting…..!
    FIFA go FIFA gooo to fight for racism.

  • annonymous

    Why is it always the french? There are a lot of black players like Didier Drogba, Michael Essien etc. But no-one speaks about them.
    Is it just because the French are european? The african teams also get racialy abused but no body cares.
    I think we should look ouside the box and not only inside the box we should recognize that it is not only the europeans that get racially abused, infact the african players are even more black that the French players.

    you will understand when you get there… (you will never know)

    peace out

  • Jojodada

    Everyone is a racist at heart, some more than others but still we are all racist & there’s nothing wrong with it. OK! Let’s all give three big hearted cheers for racist!!!

  • Tesoro

    Racism is easy and benefits the ill-equipped mind, Spain’s fans taunt because they know their playing a superior team so this is a way to equalize their chances by throwing their opponents off their game. If you’re the better player, your actions on the pitch and the final score is all that matters.

  • Morrison

    Hate is a wonderful thing. We are much more aware when we hate. Just as wars serve a valid as it thins out the populations & rids us of the weak & worthless & is good for the global economy. It is also good for our sport.Praise the strength of hate.

  • Anonymous

    Idiots are a wonderful thing…

  • Tony

    I think its wrong to discriminate people just because their different color or because their from a different place

  • giova * * * *

    I’m prejudice against idiots, it doesn’t matter what color they are. If I was H^tler Morrison would be the Jew. It’s people like this that make me think of the Jerry Springer show. I mean, I do have theories on certain races being superior in different sports. For example in boxing, track, basketball and american football, it seems that blacks excell. I say this because the number of blacks in these sports outnumber anything else. In soccer, I would say that European and South Americans are the best. In darts and horseshoes white Americans from the south like Morrison excell. In hockey, Canadians reign supreme. Under no circumstances though, should a player be taunted by monkey sounds. Hate is a cancer that is slowly bringing the earth to it’s knees. All the facts I’ve mentioned above is just some loose thinking. Nobody get offended, please. Oh, and there are some smart, nice Americans–just not Morrison.