Freddy Adu Busy Growing Up In Lisbon

Although Benfica rookie Freddy Adu has turned heads with some late game heroics, the American attacker says his most important progress during his short time in Portugal has come off the field.

The teen phenom believes that maturity away from the park will lead to greater benefits when it comes time to take the field.

“I’ve grown up a lot,” Adu told Fox. “I’m taking care of everything, living on my own, and I’ve asked my Mom when she visits not to stay for a long time.”

“I want to be an adult and I want to be in an environment where I am able to handle a lot of my own things,” he added. “My career is in my own hands, and I want to deal with adversity.”

“I want to learn to be a pro.”


  • Lionel

    I am happy that ADU is finally doing this oversea. I wish this happened years ago and ADU would be like Lionel MESSI, my namesake from Argentina.
    I have my son who is now 11 playing here in Jacksonville, FL and based on his advance skills, I am making plan with my family living in England and Germany for him to go in the Summer and if he got a club who wants him, Thanks GOD, the rest of my family is willing to help and guide him over there and also protect him and give him guidance.

  • Tesoro

    Freddy is going to be fine;he’ll be to soccer what Tiger is to golf. This is part of the maturing process, it couldn’t happen in MLS.

  • Russ

    Freddy Adu will never do anything worth noting. Unfortunately he played in the horrid MLS for those few years, which I am afraid to say, has ruined his career. Freddy Adu will soon drop off the map and I cannot wait till he does so I don’t have to read anymore boring articles about the loser

  • PG10

    He’s not having a good season in my opinion, benfica’s doesn’t seem to trust his abilities enough to give him any responsibility in that team (though he always keeps on saying everything’s ‘great!’). He’s certainly getting better in portugal, but he will NEVER be anywhere near a top player (though he always keeps on saying he can be ‘a world class player!’). Keep on dreaming
    word to his mother