Freddy Madrid Bound?

Teenage sensation Freddy Adu will turn his back on Manchester United at the end of this week despite an impressive trial at the world’s biggest club.

The Ghanaian born winger has surprised a skeptical team, with his skill while training with The Red Devils youth academy, but he has insisted that he wants to play for Real Madrid citing a belief that the EPL is too physical for him.

Alexi Lalas recently explained, his concerns as to Adu’s unsuitability to the EPL, the former Padova defensive men explained:

“He can play but I worry about his size. He needs the right club, otherwise he’ll get swallowed up on and off the pitch. He’s not a player that can adapt to anything.”

Adu is apparently in agreement with the former international, and added another twist to his on going transfer saga, when sources close to Adu revealed:

“Its fair to say everybody has been surprised by Freddy’s level of talent. He may not be the biggest but he proved he has a good skill and can play at this level. However, he’s said he wants to sign for Real Madrid, because he feels he’ll be more suited to Spanish game, which unlike England is less physical.”

Manchester United and Chelsea had both been considered to be front runners for the soccer phenom’s signature, despite a perceived lack of progress at DC United. And suffering the ignominy of being benched while trying to claw back a 0-1 deficit, against the New England Revolution in this year’s MLS play offs.

Adu first mentioned a possible move to Spain in 2004, but may have also been prompted to turn his attentions to The Madrid giants, having seen fellow international Tim Howard been shown the door, and the persistent unrest at Chelsea from the likes of Joe Cole, Robben, and Wright Phillips for receiving limited first team opportunities.

The MLS’s original boy wonder, Bobby Convey has nothing but sympathy for the seventeen year old and worries that too much is being expected of Adu:

“Freddy is 17. He has people around him that fill his head with ideas, and with different ways of thinking, he has a lot of pressure on him and he hasn’t progressed as fast as he wanted to.

“I’ve known Freddy for while now and he is a good player and a nice guy. He is very young. He will be good some day and, he is good now. It’s his choice I can’t say anything else what ever he thinks is best for himself he should do it.

Should Adu realize his European dream, he will have to wait until he turns 18 on June 2nd, 2007 before completing a move according to FIFA regulations.

by Andrew Rogers


  • Anonymous

    he’ll ride the bench for the entire season…Ronaldo has a better chance to play!

  • Heath Young

    I think Freddy will see a lot of bench/youth/reserve time if he chooses to sign with a huge club regardless of whether it is Real, Man U, Chelsea, etc.

    Spain might suit his style a little better, given that it is a highly technical and less physical league than the EPL, but throwing himself in with the talent pool Real has will make it difficult to see any first team action for a fair amount of time. Not that I would necessarily recommend signing with United for Adu at this point, but at least in that position, he knows they are looking to groom a Giggs replacement to run the left flank.

    I think his best bet is to decide what league is best for him, then look for a mid level club that will allow him to get games and not be lost in the shuffle. If he moves to a top quality league (of which I think he’s only looking at EPL and La Liga), he’s better off at a mid level club. If he wanted to look a high quality, but not quite that level league and go Dutch, he might be ok at a big club like Ajax or PSV.

    I have yet to hear any talk of France, but Ligue 1 might not be a bad destination for Freddy at this point. Another quality, highly technical league where the emphasis is placed on style of play more than physical play.

    It will be interesting to see where he ends up and how it pans out (though we won’t really see that for another year when he turns 18). Sounds like his trial at United is going better for him than I might have expected.

  • DynastySoccerFC … Rasputin

    Hi Heath ….

    Again you have good points. I still think if he can make it in England then he can by far make it anywhere else for that matter. Right now England, in particular the EPL is the top of the heap as far as quality goes in professional club leagues. You are right it is indeed physical as it always has been & that’s why it’s more suited to players that not only have a very high level of skill but also have that physical edge of toughness. This kid is a very good player & has top level skills but needs more size to him. The advantage to playing in England would be now they put a lot of focus on weight training to add strength & more size to the players.Manchester United, Chelsea, they all have state of the art weight training centers at the clubs. I’ve been to the Man U club & saw first hand what they have in regards to weights. It’s kind of like Gold’s Gym to be quite honest. Day’s of old soccer didn’t have this element but times change. Regardless where this kid goes I hope he’s not wasted by that club as his entire life is in front of him & he has much to offer to the sport.

  • Soccerislife

    Adu is no phenom and what proof is their of this teams actually wanting him it’s nice to dream that an American would be so sought after but Altidore is better and freddy isn’t even the best in the MLS so why is he so sought after. He is a player who works very hard but you can’t gain all skills through training so is it fair to expect so much from him?

  • Tesoro

    Freddy Adu is a super talent, and Real Madrid would be a great training ground for him;he’ll never crack the starting lineup.

  • Keeeper King

    Adu has not a very good chance of making the starting 11 for Real Madrid. Though, I’ve seen stranger things happen. I guess Go Big or Go Home Freddy.

  • twisters08

    men i think he need to stay in the MLS he really sucks and he needs to stop lying about his age he knows he is about 26 yrs old

  • mysterio boy

    ithink he should go to man united he will turn being agood player

  • Eddy Fradu

    I Dont Think So…

  • Anonymous

    Adu rules

  • i hate adu

    freddy adu sucks.. i played him the year he got drafted to the MLS. every ref feels bad for him cuz hes suppose to be some huge star and he cant even score without some benefit from them. hes gunna have no chance in the spanish primera or anywhere for that matter in europe. hes gunna be a bench warmer until hes at least 22 or 23. his skill as a foward is no where near Gudjohnnson, Robinho, Ronaldo, von Nistelrooy, or Messi… with a line up like that hed be lucky to even be put on teh reserves list

  • angel saucedinho

    I have seen freddy play on tv and he completly changes the pace of his team he has great talent but I don’t think he plays enough in D.C. I agree with others that have posted their opinion. He will just sit on the bench and be in the shadow of the other stars. Instead he should go to psv, ajax or benfica even. On the other had going to a big club will allow him to be mentored by vets which might be what he needs to go that superstar level. Besides a little bit of size that is. Mainly all I’m saying is that every star or legend starts off somewhere and I really don’t think D.C united is the best start for him.

  • um………. idk remeber

    u guys do not know wat u are talking about. i belive if he goes to real madrid he will not make the starting line up rite away but in about 4 years he will he is a great player and he has great speed and talent.

  • Heath Young

    These ‘Adu sucks’ comments are silly bandwagon words by those that don’t actually watch him play. Sure, say he’s overrated. That’s legitimate, but then remember what he’s been rated as, and saying he’s overrated just brings him down below the phenom level to just being a good player.

    I don’t know about ‘I hate Adu’ having played against him, but your comments don’t make much sense when you are speaking of his skills as a forward. He’s not a forward. He may have been at youth international levels because of his precociousness, bet he’s a midfielder and has been considered such for years now. No clubs are looking at him as a striker, but rather as an outside mid, and possibly a few years down the line an offensive center mid. The list of players you are comparing him to makes little sense either: Gudjohnnson, Robinho, Ronaldo, von Nistelrooy, Messi. You can’t even compare many of those players to each other, so what good does it do to compare Adu to them? I can’t think of two more opposite players that van Nistelrooy and Messi. It would be legitimate to compare Adu to C. Ronaldo and Messi or a Fabregas in terms of how clubs might look to use him and there, you are more than right, he falls way short of these talents at the moment. But do you think anyone is looking at him to become a van Nistelrooy? That’s a completely different style of player.

    Rasputin, Angel, um, etc. have the right idea. If he goes to a huge club like United, Chelsea, Real, etc. he won’t see first team action anytime soon. He has the potential to get there in a few years, but who knows how a young player will respond and develop. He’s not (at least at the moment) the phenom he’s made out to be nor does he ‘suck’. He’s just a good, young player with potential.

    As many have said, he has two paths… A Dutch-type of situation where he goes to either a good Dutch club like PSV or Ajax (or a lower/mid table English/Spanish/French club) and gets quality development where he might see first team play in a shorter time frame, or he signs a deal with a huge club and spends a lot of time in the youth/reserves and likely goes somewhere else after a couple of years. Which is better for him, who knows, but MLS is no longer the place for Adu. It may be sink or swim for him in Europe, but it’s stagnation for him in MLS. When he’s 18, he’s gone.

  • Armindo

    Adu should sign with MU and play alongside C.Ronaldo at 21 years old one of the best players in the world

  • wolfen

    I have seen other great youth players emerge at an early age,johan Cruyff(one fo the best ever) Totti( he was sixteen when debuted for Roma) Maldini,Owen etc… Adu is not of the same caliber,I agree with going to europe,but start with a mediocre team and earn your wings,otherwise he’s going to fall flat,regardless I wish him well.