Fulham Interest In Onyewu

With the start of the Premiership season around the corner, Fulham are looking to bolster their defense and have reportedly made a £2.5m offer to Belgian club Standard Liege for USA World Cup defender Oguchi Onyewu.

If the deal is completed the former Clemson tiger would join Carlos Bocanegra and Brian McBride on the Whites roster. Fulham has denied speculation that the U.S. target man was in the process of being transferred stating that he was ‘very much part of Chris Coleman’s plans for next season.’


  • Brett

    Are the Whites trying to become the Reds, Whites and Blues? Why don’t they just recruit the whole US national team? All this talk of how the US is getting better by playing abroad. It helps, can’t deny that. But why don’t we bring more foreign players (especially Brazilians) into the MLS? That, and more matches against top teams from leagues such as the EPL, German Bundesliga and Spanish Primera, will allow our boys at home to accelerate their play. Make MLS among the world’s top leagues. Agree?

  • dont worry bout it..

    Disagree. MLS is a joke and thats how it was meant to be.. it for laughs and no one outside of our own country wants to us, they dont like us and they dont wanna. There isnt a chance in the world that the USA will ever become a well known soccer country.

  • Matt

    I agree with dont worry bout it… The MLS is a complete joke and no players are interested in coming over anyway. If any foreign big name players do come over, it will be in the end of their career and they can not compete at a higher level, such as the Premier League. It happened with Lothar Mattaus in the late ’90’s. Point is, if any foreign players come over, the MLS will spend too much money because of the name and not the skill.

  • Brandon

    I’d agree MLS well, its poor. But just because players might be wanting to come over at the end of their careers, whos to say that they will be unable to still play? As far as im concered, we should be happy that these superstars would even concider coming to mls. Both Ronaldo and Beckham both said they considered it, and some might ask why? It might be because, they feel they having nothing else to prove in europe. They have won almost every trophy, and they could be looking for the next real challenge.

  • Tony p

    The Mls is working slowly and carefully remember the NASL (the NY Cosmos),all the names and a short lived league,yes the Mls needs at least 2 to 3 big names to draw the crowds and impose experience to the teams,but the media has to step up,the sponsors have to step up and most importantly the so called players.

  • Dennis

    MLS will never improve until a) the officiating improves — the overall quality is so poor, I think most high school referees would be an upgrade, b) like the UK we must invest in soccer specific stadiums — who wants to watch a game where 70% of the seats are empty (Revs and Gillette).

  • Peader

    The MLS needs to improve it’s grass roots programs. They need to begin with U-13, U-15, U-18 and so on and create an interest with our youth. For example the Little League World Series sparks serious interest in baseball and the magnitude of ‘feeder’ leagues for every level creates better players which create better leagues… better soccer. The EPL is the second best league in the world and it’s over 75% English players. Although that obviously doesn’t always translate into international success.


    To all the naysayers, how many games have you seen live? Name the clubs,players,internationals. You know nothing about this league. 11yrs. on and you want the La Ligue! IDIOTS! We realise not what we have. No pretention. No eurotrash primadonnas. Low salaries. Good games. Talk to an old FA supporter and they will tell you that what we have here is pure. UP DCU! UP MLS! What connection does a moron from Kansas have with Highbury? Stupid Stupid Americans, we fall right into the sterotype.
    Support your own!