G6 Team Profile: IVORY COAST

Ivory Coast National Team
In the eyes of the Ivory Coast team, it was a “divine qualification.” The underdogs will finally perform on soccer’s greatest stage in their first World Cup appearance, providing fans with a high caliber of talent to keep them on their toes. While not so strong in the past, the Ivory Coast has emerged over the last two years as one of the most powerful soccer nations in Africa. Divine, indeed.

Star striker Didier Drogba (Chelsea) has imposed his winning mentality on the team and become an influential leader. With nine goals in qualifiers, Drogba is a fierce weapon for the Ivory Coast. His solid skills—incredible speed and goal-scoring talent—coupled with European playing experience will certainly help give him the chance to make his mark in World Cup history. Also look out for the young forward Aruna Dindane (Racing Club de Lens), whose teamwork with Drogba in the qualifiers is touted as the reason for the Ivorian’s success.

Kolo Touré (Arsenal) is another young star on the rise. The 24-year-old’s acute tackling abilities make him one of the most sought-after defenders in European soccer. The well-rounded player is also famous for his “venomous shot.”

Often joining Touré on the backline are Cyril Domoraud (US Créteil) and brother Yaya Touré (Olympiacos), both talented defenders to look out for. The Elephants should also get valuable contributions from Didier Zokora (Saint-Etienne) and keeper Jean Jacques Tizie (Esperance Tunis).

The Ivory Coast’s potential lineup has already granted them a historic qualification to the World Cup. Though slotted in a tough group, the talented squad is set to leave a big impression on the world stage.


  • kaibunu smith

    hay my is kaibunu i want for me to on your team.iam vary good player if you have me for your team.i will show you what i get for you so please call me and let me what is going on.

  • kaibuna smithe

    never mind, im so bad at soccer. i play on a recreational team with my homeboys like momadu. dont take me on your team.

  • David

    I am a firm believer that African teams and teams like African teams are the only ones in the world that have the potential to be like Brazil or surpass Brazil and I’m not kidding here. These teams possess some of the best ATHLETES out there, they possess tremenduous athletic abilities. If Ivory coast can play well organized and as a team and if they can play smart I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat Argentina because all teams like that have is skill and teamwork, but NOT athleticism and that is one thing you can’t teach. Good luck Ivory Coast.