Gago Unveiled At The Bernabéu!

Fernando Gago has been officially presented as a new Real Madrid player at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium’s ‘Palco de Honor’ (VIP Box) and on the Bernabéu turf and dressed in Real Madrid kit. The player was presented by President Ramón Calderón and Honorary President Alfredo Di Stefano.

The ex-Boca star midfielder was presented without a number by Calderón, who described the landing of the 20 million Euro Gago as ‘It like winning the lottery. It’s our day to celebrate hitting the jackpot with the arrival of this player.” The player himself was also thankful. “I’d like to personally thank President Ramón Calderón, Mijatovic and Baldini for all making it possible for me to arrive at the club of my dreams.”

“I’m going to help Real Madrid to reach the highest heights possible. My idea is to transfer the successes I’ve enjoyed at Boca from Argentina to Europe as it’s my aim to triumph here”, explained Gago. “We’ve signed one of the best centre-halves in the world, a player who moves the ball with speed and intelligence”, added the President. “Even though it was far from easy”, he added.

“Even the Boca President said it was one of the hardest deals of his life and Macri is nom newcomer to dealing”, stressed Calderón, adding that “Gago has shown his love for his new home by renouncing an important personal financial amount in order to close the deal and allow him to wear white.”


  • wolfen

    he should have gone to a less-well known team to play more and get exposure….there goes another hopeful.

  • Tesoro

    Real Madrid is too deep, he’s going to be wasted his talent lost in the shuffle. What a tragedy.

  • Victor

    Im pretty sure Real will loan him out to a smaller club. That way his talent will not be wasted and it will allow him to develop his skills.

  • wolfen

    As the great band queen sang: ‘ Another one bites the dust,and another one gone,another one gone, another one bites the dust…’