Garber: We Have Beckham Money

With transfer headlines en vogue, MLS chief Don Garber has boasted that the 10-yeard entity currently has the buying power to land Real Madrid outcast David Beckham – but was quick to assure that such a move is not yet on the table.

“We have the money to sign stars like David Beckham,” he asserted.

“Beckham is under contract with Real Madrid and we won’t speak with him until the right moment.”

The longtime England captain has recently found himself second choice under Real boss Fabio Capello, further fueling rumours.


  • Thomas

    What will this mean for us soccer if beckham comes to MLS? Will it really be that much of a boost, would this really change and prove to the world that MLS can be one of the top leaugues in the world. I don’t think that this will do that much for the name of MLS. Although it would be nice to see David Beckham sporting a MLS side Jersey.

  • Heath Young

    It will certainly bring a marketing boost to MLS, and it will give an MLS side a quality midfielder and marquee player for a couple of years. I could also see it leading to a front office position for Beckham with an MLS club, which again could have some upside in terms of promoting the league. It’s not going to bring about any drastic change, but it does bring a little more recognition and publicity to MLS.

    What’s more important in my opinion is the new designated player rule that would allow Beckham to be signed to an MLS club. It’s at least a step in the right direction toward giving MLS clubs the ability to bring in higher quality players. Like I said, no huge immediate impact, but over a few years being able to bring in a marquee player per team will raise the level of play and begin to establish MLS as a viable destination for better players. Baby steps…

  • Chris Chambre

    Now Garber has money. Last year or two ago when the MLS players were trying to get pay raises and where on the verge of striking MLS sounded as if they were a struggling league without a pot to piss in. I guess they lied. Shocking!!!



  • DynastySoccerFC …Rasputin

    Hello Heath & everyone else …

    First of all I hope you & your families had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday! If Beckham comes to the MLS I think it would be a good thing but also not a fix all answer to American soccer at the professional level. The league, team owners & media coverage in general really need to put their money where their mouths’ are. They need to bring over as many world class players that are in their prime as possible. The result would be good all across the board as it would only raise the skill level of the American players’ American players would not have to be focused on playing in Europe to gain experience as they will be getting it right at home. America is a very rich country so money is no problem. It’s like owning your own business. You get what you pay for! If you plan right, invest right & stay the course you can’t go wrong. All the proper elements are in place for soccer to do well. It almost happened 25 years ago with the old NASL. Talk is talk. The leaders of the MLS must take propper action now.

  • soccerwatcher

    yeah, Beckham comming here will be like Pele a while back. unless the MLS jumps the gun and brings more players from Europe than the only thing thats going to happen is a small boost to the Galaxy sales, cause people want to watch Beckham.