Gomez Enjoys Galaxy Revenge

Colorado forward Herculez Gomez admitted that everyone was calling after he shot down former side Los Angeles with the lone goal on the weekend.

The striker was dealt away by the Galaxy in 2006, so the winner was sweet revenge indeed.

“I was getting text messages all week,” Gomez told the Kansas City Star. “This is a game I really wanted to win.”

“Everyone knows I grew up a fan of LA, but I think (the trade to the Rapids) was the best thing that could have happened to me.”


  • Antonio Garcia

    What does Gomez really have to brag about? You would think he scored the goal that beat Barcelona or something! It was only the Galaxy! Since when have they ever been able to play soccer? Look who then signed, David Beckham. Beckham? Come on now! How good can a team really be if they sign junk wannabe players’ like him?