Gulati: Klinsmann Has Not Been Offered U.S. Job

U.S. Soccer expects to announce its next head coach after the American holiday of Thanksgiving, said U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati on Monday. Gulati also refuted reports that Germany’s World Cup coach Jurgen Klinsmann has been offered the U.S. position while also confirming the California resident is a finalist.

U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati fielded questions from reporters for an hour on Monday both about the ongoing search for a new coach for the Americans and about USA’s decision to accept an invitation to participate in the 2007 Copa America

Gulati made no qualms admitting he has spoken with former Germany coach Jurgen Klinsmann about the job.

“I’m not going to deny that I’ve talked to Jurgen Klinsmann. I’ve said before Jurgen brings a lot of very positive qualitites to the possibility of coaching the national team,” said Gulati, who also said there still are a few other candidates being considered.

“We have not made any decision about who will be coaching our national team,” Gulati insisted.

“We have not made any offers to anyone to coach the national team, and we have not made any offers along the lines of what has been mentioned in various publications.”

German paper Bild am Sonntag reported Klinsmann, who lives in California, has been offered a four-year deal and a contract in excess of $3 million per year.

Earlier this month, Gulati said the next U.S. coach would be named in November, but on Monday he hinted the announcement is likely to come after Thanksgiving and possibly could stretch beyond November.

“I wouldn’t lose any sleep if our decision slips into the first week of December,” he said. ” But it’s our intention still to name a new coach in November.”

Gulati said each of the coaching candidates signed off on the U.S. playing in the Copa America, which begins four days after the finals of the Gold Cup. The Gold Cup is CONCACAF’s regional championship.

“The tournament offers the dual advantage of quality opponents and a challenging environment that will provide long-term benefits for our team,” said Gulati of the Copa America. “In order to continue our progress at the international level, it is critical that we are able to expose our team to competition at the highest level.”


  • Myles

    Who is Gulati trying to fool? Everybody & their Grandmother knows very well Gulati & the USSF are hanging all over Klinsmann begging the poor guy to take this sorry job. If Klinsmann actually takes this joke of a job he should set down some personal demands like 20 million a year for starters as if the USSF expects Klinsmann to actually turn the American team into a world soccer power they are asking a bit much! Second he should demand that he be allowed to fire the entire national team & gut the entire program for added effect. This would very much be a step in the right direction. Last but not least Klinsmann should be allowed to bring in top players from all over the world then America can set lofty sights with their soccer. I mean, who cares where the players come from as long as they are wearing Team USA uniforms it should not be a problem. Anyways half the people living in America now have no legal documents to be there in the first place so what’s the difference!

  • Cheese

    Myles I think you were a bit harsh…I don’t believe that being the US manager is a joke. We had an awful world cup…get over it. Three starters retired so that means the next time we see the US in action it will have a new look. Just because we are hiring a new coach doesn’t mean that we want him to turn us into a world soccer power, yes that would be good but one coach won’t turn us into a soccer power, it will take more than one generation to do so. Also, what are you talking about illegal Americans for anyway? What does that have to do with soccer…some people might take your last comment to be a racist comment…

  • Johnny Z

    Cheese Myles might be brutal with his comments but he’s right on the money. One thing I’ve noticed about you Americans is you don’t like to hear the truth when it’s something that does not agree with you. Like your goverment. You people in America vote to the left or to the right. It’s like you’v grown comfortable with being lied to. You know your political leaders are dishonest & for the most part crooks but every four years come rain or shine you turn out to vote out of office one set of idiots only to replace them with another set of idiots, you never learn. The prospect of importing players from different countries is your own hope to gain ground on the world powers of soccer. It’s not going to happen any other way. Myles is right since non- Americans have more rights than actual legal Americans (Thank Bush for that!) The USSF might as well fill up the national team with imported players. It’s your only hope! Sometimes the truth hurts!

  • Justin

    Johnny, I dont know where you’re form but don’t address ‘us’ Americans as if you really know anything about us or our country. Maybe you didn’t know this, but I’ll clue you in- Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the United States and the chances are we will become a soccer power eventually. (even if it takes a number of years.)

    I will say this in response to what you said about ‘us’ americans. You ‘non-americans’ are AFRAID that one day we will beat you at your own game, and you are only displaying your close-minded views by claiming it will never happen. We are getting better every year and, despite a bad world cup, we can only go up. I can’t wait until your foolish delusions are shattered in the near future.

  • kicks22

    Hey Sunil Gulati, it’s now the first week in December. Still no hint of a coach. Let’s hear something!