Gullit: MLS 'Has To Change'

Former Los Angeles coach Ruud Gullit says MLS could easily be at a level on par with leagues like the Eredivsie if it alters the league system a bit.

While conceding that the summer heat and travel will affect quality of play, the Dutchman is far more concerned with things like scheduling around FIFA dates and and player acquisition constraints.

“I’d liken it more to the leagues in Holland, Belgium and Norway,” Gullit told The Daily Mail. “The players can play – I watched the All-Stars against West Ham in the summer and the All-Stars outplayed them.”

“We could have a game the day after a round of international matches,” he said of the much-maligned league scheduling. “That was ridiculous, and so was the draft system.”

“I could have players I wanted to promote from the Under-21’s, but they were no use to me because they weren’t actually mine; they could go into the draft system and end up elsewhere.”

“It all became very frustrating and it has to change,” concluded Gullit.



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    Football in the US will never be anywhere near the rest of the world until they rid themselves of the American attitude of individualism! Until they realize that it is indeed a team effort – not an individual one – that will win matches and improve play, they will continue to be low in the league. Watch Terry Cooke of the Colorado Rapids or other Europeans who have come over here to play. They all look off the ball to find space or open players for goals. That’s what we need in the US!