Heinze Could Go On The Cheap

Gabriel Heinze could take advantage of a FIFA loophole to buy out his Manchester United contract and secure a cut-price move to Real Madrid.

Heinze has been strongly linked with a transfer to the Spanish giants with reports suggesting he flew to Madrid at the weekend to discuss a switch to the Primera Liga leaders.

And the defender could become the first Premiership player to use a FIFA rule which allows footballers to buy themselves out of their own contracts.

According to the Daily Express, Heinze, who is valued by United at around £5million, could take advantage of the loophole to secure a transfer to Real or another club and he would only have to pay £4million to the Red Devils.

The rule allows players to pay off their deals with a club if they have served three years of their contract and are outside a ‘protected period’ in terms of age.

Heinze, 29, would qualify having signed for £6.9million from PSG in the summer of 2004.

The situation would mirror the controversy surrounding Andy Webster’s controversial switch from Hearts to Wigan last August.

Webster invoked article 17 in FIFA’s regulations for the status and transfer of players to became a Wigan player after three years at Hearts, with compensation rather than a transfer fee changing hands.

No Premiership players have yet used the loophole to leave a club, but several other big-name stars, including Chelsea’s Frank Lampard, are apparently eligible to take advantage of the controversial ruling.


  • Hunter

    I think Heinze should stay at United.

  • DynastySoccerFC … Rasputin

    I agree. It would be a big mistake if Manchester United let Heinz go. It was all the injuries United racked up at the end of the season on their back line that cost them both the Champions League & also the FA Cup. Too many things went wrong on that back line all at once. Heinz is a tough, hard working defender. If he end’s up going to Madrid I don’t think he will see much playing time as Madrid has so many name players’ there fighting for all the starting positions.

  • Ghost Rider

    I agree guys. Heinze is one of my favorites on United. He always leaves everything on the field. He always throws his body all over the field (probably why he gets those niggly injuries). It’s a shame that it seems he’s become the scapegoat for the issues United’s back line had versus Milan.

  • DynastySoccerFC … Rasputin

    It’s not Heinz fault for the defeat against Milan the entire team is to blame for that. United’s back line was a mess the last six weeks of play & in the second game against Milan United’s offense never showed up & it was the same thing for the FA Cup final. Sir Alex really needs to focus on that back line & add to what he laready has so there is a top level backup player for each position & rotate them on & off for each game so they all get game time. It’s one thing training five days a week but no matter how good a player is he will be rusty if he’s not given quality game time. Sir Alex’s mistake was using the same back players’ all year & it caught upwith him in the end with all those injuries.

  • Ghost Rider

    Rasputin, I agree Heinze was not to blame, but it seems like once United were eliminated the first guy they pointed out was Heinze, again I feel it was unjust. You know, they have a young Spanish defender Gerard Pique who is being loaned out to Zaragoza (if I’m not mistaken). I think it’s time he plays on the first team for United. Neville isn’t getting any younger. I also agree that they need a deeper squad.

  • Dirk Kuyt

    They need to sign more Dutch players’. Lets’ face it kids’. The Dutch are the best Footballers. We have the best national colors. We have good looking women & we make very good beer. Our Lord Cryuff was the best & most mighty to ever grace this sport of kings ! Also like all Dutch people he was always right & never wrong. That being said remember these Dutch words of wisdom .. If your not Dutch, your not much!

  • Antonio Garcia

    Heinz should stay. The year before he was injured he was voted by United fans’ player of the year! United’s failures this past year can’t be blamed on Heinz it’s the teams fault but more than anything the manager’s fault as he used the same back line of defenders’ all year long & with the amount of games teams play it’s no surprise they picked up so many injuries. Gary Neville & Wes Brown should have been sent to a rest home for old folks’ long ago. Nobody can tell me either one of them is better than Heinz! No way at all! Dump Neville & Brown ..Yes! Keep Heinz & bring on some other tough playing Latin American defenders! United need to beef up that back line!