Nike Hypervenom

Nike Hypervenom

A new breed of attack is coming

Nike Hypervenom is the new cleat of choice for Neymar, the prolific goal scorer and attacking phenom who just signed up for a five-year stint with Barcelona. At Barca, Neymar will join the already powerhouse lineup that includes Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta.Nike-Hypervenom-4

Nike’s Hypervenom cleat is designed to maximize and enhance agile traction. The Hypervenom is engineered specifically for the attackers, making it easier to find the ball and finish the play.
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The Hypervenom’s striking new upper material is called NikeSkin. Its waffle-pattern is designed for perfect dribbling and shot ball control. The NikeSkin  of the Hypervenom is equipped with Nike’s All Conditions Control (ACC) technology for enhanced ball control in both dry and wet weather conditions.
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The outsole on Nike’s Hypervenom has also been enhanced with a new split-toe plate and agility traction pattern designed to deliver quick response under pressure.
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The game has changed – it’s no longer just about speed and technique, it’s about playing unpredictably and deceiving defenders. They can’t stop what they don’t know is coming. What do you think about the new Nike Hypervenom?
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  • Justin Guajardo

    Is this gonna be Nike’s comeback at the Nitrocharge?

    • Charlie Wilkinson


    • Alex Bradley

      I believe that it is. I am still debating wether or not to go try out the Nitrocharges or wait until these come out and test them. Both Nike and Adidas boots fit me very well but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Carlos

    I have already get this shoe

  • Kaishi Harun

    How many colorways will it have?

    • mnorth

      There will be more colors in July!

  • Qharun Bunag

    pro footballers don’t need these zone… they just need something that fits their feet and feel good.

  • Nathan Araujo

    I am getting these!!!

  • Leonardo Oliveira

    So, I have seen photos of these online and I have to say that I am not at all impressed with the colorways. What happened to the exciting colors that incite emotional gurgling from the deepest recesses? Come Nike… let’s get something truly exciting!

  • Brandon Dieni

    I like the colorway. The tread pattern looks pretty standard and is tried and true. I would be very curious to know how well the upper performs. All in all though, they look pretty sick.

  • Can we customize it?

  • Jose Grullon

    The new nikeskin on my elastico finale indor shoe lasted only 1 game. After just one game it has a hole in the shooting zone which is getting bigger by the game. The nikeskin is very light and molds to your feet but is not strong enough for hard hitting players.

  • Jose Grullon


  • kage reyes

    thereeeee sexyyy!

  • Chris Budden

    Those boots are dope as hell. they actually are looking at players that are more like my style of striker. im getting these boots no matter WHAT

  • Weiss Burro

    Why have they put the Nike swoosh on the inside it looks like ur wearing the shoes on the wrong feet -_-

  • Adham Heiss

    These are hideous! What was nike thinking!

  • Alif Imhran

    Quite a few professional players that used to wear Nike’s are now wearing Adidas boots…Now I know why…I wouldn’t wear these for a Sunday kick about in the park…FACT!

  • Joe Carruso

    these are one of those boots that needs a foot in it to show its real shape and structure. it has a very thin flexible upper which makes it look really bad without anything in it. likely very comfortable.

  • Fabian Seymor

    Hey, Neymar likes it. If he uses them then they have to be good (or he gets paid a whole lot to make them look good). Either way, they are worth a shot. I’m sure the first hotdog didn’t look so good either! 🙂

    • Fat Neymar

      these shoes are amazing they taste pretty good i like how the laces taste but neymar is only wearing them cuz he asked my opinion about them and i told them they look sexy what a dumbass. im the real neymar 😉 #FatNeymar

  • Jonas Schmidt

    what the heck man nike should make these into wide feet ppl cuz the t90 were like that man nike dumb make the second version of these for normal ppl or alittle wide footed ppl damn is that so much to ask for nike

  • Jan Course

    so nike will have two silos of ‘speed boots?’

  • Hazard’stheman

    The Nike skin material is sick. I have it on the new elastico finales. It molds to your foot so well and it is great for striking the ball. I have worn it to practice and it holds up really well. I play for a U12 travel team in the VCCL and I play really competitivly. My point is the Nike skin is really durable and strikes the ball really well. Don’t go off what they look like this material is great just buy it. It will give back too you in more ways than you cod imangine

  • Parel Seiche

    I love the Nike Waffle design. I imagine the ball will stick to the top and the bottom of the shoe. It might look ugly, but I thought we were after the “best” product, not just the best “looking” product. Cheer up my depressed friends. There is always the Mercurials!

  • Esben Kjeldsen

    Why does the sole have to be orange :-(. I would buy it if the sole was black in the black/orange one. One thing i don’t understand is: At the first picture i saw of this boot. The boot was black/yellow and had black sole with red studs? Why don’t they release that one first. It was the first one they made right?

  • Jake Caprees

    Sick!!! I don’t care what they look like. If they function good then that is all that matters to me. I just wish I knew why some top players use this shoe… for the money or the tech of the shoe. Oh if only the stars could speak!!

  • Sean Acousta

    I suppose there are other shoes. I think we all expect perfection from Nike every time. What we mean by perfection is “What we think is right.” Remember… we are always right. If I don’t like it, then it isn’t good! 🙂

  • sabastian

    the cleats have a poor color way and skull and crossbones kill it. The nike skin looks cool but does not look durable to any standards. nike needs to seriously look at some cooler colorways

  • ffjqugpipqra

  • Aguilera

    I just got this from my sponsor from my club, and they fit perfect to my foot. And I’m a wide foot player. Light.I love the colors, I just hope the glue under it holds up to the hardcore soccer.

  • alex flores

    well i think that its a perfect colorway. Best one ever made by NIKE.