It Was A "Frightened" Second Half Against United – Kaka

Milan midfielder Kaka admits that they were frightened of Manchester United’s onslaught during the second half, and paid for it dearly. The Brazilian called for a repeat of the first half display instead.

“The game at Old Trafford was a real spectacle and I’m convinced the second leg will be another amazing game, perhaps even more amazing than the first match,” Kaka wrote on

“We left Old Trafford a little bit disappointed on Tuesday night but not with our heads down at all. I only say we were sad because of the late goal we conceded.”

He was quick to commend Rooney’s goal, though: “I don’t want to take anything away from the quality of United’s play, and Rooney’s goal, though. It was an incredibly good finish.

“If the match had finished 2-2, I still feel we would have a mountain to climb, although those away goals are very important.”

He also called for a repeat of the first half, as opposed to what he believes was a “frightened” second half display.

“We can beat Manchester United if we play like we did in the first half at the Old Trafford, with character, personality and confidence,” he said.

“It’s too bad that we were lacking this in the second half. We were a bit frightened and that hurt us.

“But losing the first leg is not the end of the world and I believe we stand a great chance of turning the tie around at the San Siro.”

The Brazilian playmaker also stressed on the impact the fans could have on the match, just like they did at Old Trafford last week.

“I was hugely impressed by the atmosphere inside Old Trafford,” he admitted. “Even at half-time when they were losing 2-1 the United fans were still singing and getting behind their team.

“I’m sure our fans will show the same kind of spirit. We haven’t enjoyed a great season but the fans have been brilliant and have been by our side throughout.

“It will be difficult, but we can do it.”


  • Stanley

    Kaka deems respect. Not just because he’s a great player but because he shows respect for the teams he play’s against. He’s totally right. Milan by far played the best soccer in the first half but United turned on the jets’ in the second half. Kaka played a great game. Scored two great goals but to beat United in game two he will need more fellow Milan players’ to step up & help out up front. United will again play their never say die swarming game as usual & if Milan doesn’t tighten things up in the back they will lose. Milan has to remember United has much more than Ronaldo to score for them as Rooney has proven. There is at least 8 other players’ for United that can score for them in any given moment.

  • Dave

    The first game was a good one! Not a dull moment. Best part no red cards for either team. Kaka has freak speed. I mean that in a good way. He moves like a blur & then all of the sudden he will spilt two defenders with more rocket speed & on top of all that still have perfect control of the ball. Not too many players’ at that level can do that. On the flip side it was good to see Rooney step up & score as well. Rooney’s a worker. He’s not lazy & is always running & fighting for the ball. That earns respect. I just hope it’s a good game & who ever win’s this one I will pull for as I think they will be facing Dirty Jose’s Chelsea & I can’t stand Chelsea. I’m going to actually pray for once & hope Liverpool takes them out. Please God …May I have a moment? Yes I know I have not been anywhere near a church in a couple of decades. I also know I have had sins’ of the flesh with women & sometimes I drink way too much. I have a favor. Please let Liverpool beat Chelsea please! I’m not too fond of Chelsea & I would like them to lose! Thank’s God! Over & out …Dave.

  • Santiago

    I thin United & Milan are the two best teams left of the final four. Both play creative soccer that’s for sure. Their game last week was a real nail biter right to the end. The Liverpool/Chelsea game was for the most part boring. Both teams played it safe for the most part where as United & Milan went all out & threw caution to the wind. I do hope Liverpool win’s today though as I like them much better than Chelsea. The United/Milan game should be another good one.

  • U. Albert

    I just think the fact there are 3 English teams’ left at this stage speaks volumes. It shows’ at least at the club level that English football as improved a bit. Lot’s of blokes do not care for the English style that much but it’s still practical. Of the three left I think United are the best but I think they will have a difficult match against Milan. Kaka is on another level as it’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen a player move with such blinding pace. Rooney’s not too far behind him though & Ronaldo sure has heaven sent skills. It will be a great game I’m sure.

  • Dave

    I’m happy for Liverpool! Good for them! Milan has just as good of a chance of beating United as United has of beating Milan. It should be a good game. Let’s all hope there is no crowd trouble this time. I hope the people that go to the stadium to see the game go to enjoy the game & stay out of trouble. I refer to both sides. All that mindless out of control antics from soccer fans’ has to stop.

  • yoyo

    Dave I totally agree with you about the fans at tomorrow match. It could be a classic match, let’s hope the fans don’t become the story.