Jones Looking To Go Out A Champ

Los Angeles star Cobi Jones may have announced his retirement, but it won’t take effect until he battles alongside David Beckham for the 2007 MLS crown.

The longtime Galaxy attacker claims it is the right time to hang his boots.

“It’s good to have (Beckham) here, but that wasn’t a factor into my decision at all,” Jones told reporters. “A good friend of mine, Jürgen Klinsmann, said, ‘Don’t let them know until you’re ready’ – now is definitely the time.”

“It has been a great 15 years, it’s been absolutely stellar.”


  • Scotty

    How old is Jones? Oh well, He’s like Lalas which is to say he’s never been a world class player but a good American player if there’s such a thing. Both these guys are smart people & made the most of their careers as players’ Jones has that Pros’ vrs Joes’ thing going on so I don’t think he will be hurting for money. Soccer’s just a money making show now anyway.