Juve Deny Lampard Stories

Juventus sporting director Alessio Secco has distanced the club from speculation linking them with a move for Frank Lampard.

The Chelsea midfielder’s agent was pictured talking to Juve executives last week and there were rumours that they wanted to sign the player to boost their hopes of making an impact on their expected return to Serie A next season.

But Secco said: “We didn’t go to London for Lampard and there is no negotiation whatsoever to sign him.

“In the light of the comments made by the player, it is clear that his future is in England.”

He added that Juve were in London “to strengthen our relationship with certain English clubs and Lampard’s agent helped us to do so”.

Lampard has just over two years to run on his current Chelsea deal and the Blues have yet to make him a firm offer over a new contract.


  • Spivey Point

    I sure hope Juve are not interested in Lampard. Juve has had enough problems this past year. They went from having one of the best club sides with some of the best players in the world to a shell of their former selves. Why any good club would want to sign somebody like Lampard is beyond me. Lampard would find it difficult playing in some of the meaningless rec leagues you knuckleheads play in let alone play well as a pro.

  • Scotty

    Yes for Juve to sign Lampard would be retarded. Of course they need to rebuild which is going to be difficult for them to land good players’ as they have to get back in serie A for that to happen. Lampard couldn’t handle Italy at all he would have a rough ride there. As disjointed as Italy league soccer is Lampard is not even good enough to play there.

  • giova * * * *

    I think that Lampard needs a change of scenery and would fare well in any other league. He is a descent player who has lost his confidece. He has been taking a lot of flack in England and can’t seem to get over his slump. There was a time recently where he was regarded as one of Englands best players. I think he has the ability to get that back. Maybe Italy or Spain would be good for him. Juve needs players and I think he would be a good fit since they are lacking in the midfeild department. Don’t be surprised though if he stays in England.

  • yoyo

    I don’t see Lampard leaving England either. But not for the same reasons you’re giving. He obviously loves it there and doesn’t want to leave. Even if Chelsea decides not to resign him in a couple years, he’ll sign with Tottenham Hotspurs, Bolton or Newcastle or somewhere like that.

    As for your reasons…that’s some awfully fuzzy logic you’ve got there. You bad mouth the Italian leagues every chance you get on this site. Then you say Lampard, a guy who is the second leading scorer and leading assist man on one of the top clubs in the world, isn’t good enough to play there? That argument makes no sense to me. And I’m not a big fan of Serie A or Lampard for that matter. I’d much rather see Gerrard roam the middle for England. I don’t think Lampard is a dominating player in the midfield, but his results at Chelsea in the prem are respectable at the very least. He’s directly created 20 goals for his side this year alone.

    On to Juve, yep they lost a lot of top quality players when they got their deserved smackdown to Serie B. But they still have Buffon, Del Piero, Camoranesi, Trezeguet. And it won’t be that hard for them to sign more once they’re back in the Serie A next year. So nobody will be crying for them.

  • Jenson

    I don’t agree. Italy’s not a good fit for Lampard. There his weak points would be brought out into the light. Juve is Juve. They are a legend & on the mend to go back up so they need to sign strong & proven players’. Lampard’s people are asking for a huge some of money & he’s not worth it. He’s very much like Beckham. All hype & no bite!

  • bredred

    I agree with Jenson. I think Frank is fast pace player. I do not think the sluggish italian style soccer will suit his playing style

  • Scotty

    Uh, Jenson didn’t imply Lampard is a fast paced player. If anything he said Lampard isn’t good enough to play in Italy or anywhere else as a pro. God! Something else! Are you related to giova/drago? It sure seems like you are.

  • RcFutbolFreak

    I dont see why anybody would want Lampard. I mean hes not fast, hes not very skilled with the ball, and he cant finish worth anything! Yes hes a decent player but hes way overrated. Juventus wont make that stupid move of getting a guy like Lampard. Plus lampard wouldnt leave his precise england. He wouldnt fit in with any other style of play.

  • Ghost Rider

    You guys are forgetting a very important factor. Lampard’s wife is from Barcelona.

  • Scotty

    Ok so what? The story is about Lampard going to Juve which I hope won’t happen. We all know he’s not good enough to play at Juve which means he’s sure not good enough to play at Barca. I can’t understand how he became a pro to begin with other than his family connections with the English FA. If it wasn’t for that he would be playing pickup kick the can like you all do.

  • Jenson

    What does Lampard’s wife coming from Barcelona have to do with Lampard maybe playing for Juve? It would be nice if Lampard would just go away. The media shoves him down everyones’ throats’ like they do with that other English loser Beckham.

  • Ghost Rider

    It means, if he goes anywhere, it will be to Spain. Scotty, Barcelona themselves have said they are interested in Lampard, so we’re not making this stuff up here. Now, I totally agree he is very overrated. He shouldn’t start for England and at Chelsea he benefits from World Class Players around him like Drogba, Essien, and Makelele.

  • Scotty

    If he goes to Barcelona he will fail big time! Too many world class players there that he couldn’t keep pace with. He must be related to Beckham as he always seems to have hype swirling around him. He’s a poor excuse for a professional soccer player & he looks like the Keebler Elf.

  • dan g.

    even a team like juventus are embarassed of having a player like lampard!