Kahn: Germany Would’ve Won w/ Me

Mercurial Bayern Munich keeper Oliver Kahn has let it be known that Germany would have won World Cup 2006 had they started him in net.

The team claimed third place at home with Arsenal’s Jens Lehmann in goal.

Kahn claims his history is to lose a final before winning it, meaning that a 2002 final loss to Brazil had cosmically set him up for the title.

“I’m not criticizing what Jens Lehmann did, but with me Germany would have been world champions,” he told German magazine Stern.

“I’m convinced of it because the way my career has evolved points in that direction.”


  • wolfen

    Please!!! don’t make me laugh,what an egotistic S!,germany should be thankful they got as far as they did.

  • Tesoro

    Thanks for the laugh. Now back to reality, accept that your time has passed and gracefully go away. Lehmann was terrific in goal, Germany had a good squad but 3rd was the best they could have possibly hoped for.

  • ronaldo9

    this is so stupid. leihman blocked almost all the penalty kicks vrs. Argentina. It wouldn’t have made a diffrence

  • niels

    kahn has been the best keeper in the world for many years, he may be old, but hes still baller, leihman is good, but i think kahn would have done better in the net, but i doubt they would have gotten any futher in the cup though

  • giova* * * *

    They would never have beaten Italy in the semis if all their lives depended on it. Buffon is a better goalie than Khan and Lehmann put together. They would have lost regardless like they always do against Italy.

  • eddie#7

    i totally agree with niels. Italia was the superior team in the semi-final match (and the final obviously). Not even Kahn would have saved that shot from Grosso.

  • eddie#7

    sorry i meant to say that i agree with giova not niels

  • doesnt matter

    you all think Lehmanns good because he stopped 2 p.ks in world cup… realize that 1. it was against Argentina who only made it as far as they did because htey played the easiest teams and 2. because its a shootout, meaning its a guessing game, theres no skill*. Kahn deserved to be in net over the summer. He had something to proove. Lehmann has another 10 years to proove something, Kahn doesnt.

  • DynastySoccerFc … Rasputin

    I have to agree with Tesoro about Kahn he should not cry over spilled milk & bow out with some class. Like all great players’ he had his moment in the sun & it passed sometime ago. As for the German national team I think this group will only get better. Besides Kahn & the other keeper, they are all still pretty young & I think in the next four years they will give major problems to the other powerful teams in the sport. Italy has a very strong team as well but my point differs from your’s Tesoro a little bit. Who knows what would have happened if they were not gifted that penalty in injury time against Australia? You may laugh at me saying this but it’s true. The Italian player in question was not fouled at all. Matter of fact he took a classic dive after he was past the defender & he had a big smile on his face almost laughing as he knew very well what the end result of that play would be. You can say I’m wrong wrong wrong up & down but every single picture I have seen of that particular play proves my point. Had that penalty not been given the final outcome might have been different. Of course Italy had a much better team skill wise than Australia but you have to admit that game was not a walk through the roses for Italy. I think Italy knew they were lucky to walk away with a win from that game. Like you said you feel Germany went as far as they could have gone in the world cup & I have to agree with you but if you stop & think about it things could have been very different for Italy as well.

  • giova* * * *

    whoever is using my name and telling people I want them to be my life partner, grow up and don’t speak for me

  • giova* * * *

    Germany was lucky to reach the semi-finals. Argentina outplayed them in the quarters and deserved to go through. Germany sucks and so does Khan and Lehmann.

  • DynastySoccerFC …Rasputin

    Giova you give yourself too much credit & seem to always want attention that’s why you try to provoke people so my guess whoever is using your name (My guess it’s you) is just playing silly games. Try growing up as it’s something all people have to do at one time or another. On to a more important issue Happy Holidays to everyone here that post & I wish all of you & your families all the best things life has to offer in 2007! Cheers!

  • DynastySoccerFc … Rasputin

    Tesoro …

    I still think the best game of the world cup was Germany/Italy. Germany could have had anybody in goal that day, even the Italian keeper could have been in the net for them & nobody could have saved against those two goals by Italy at the end they were text book shots to say the least. Foe me that was the best game of the world cup.

  • ME

    They would’ve won with Kahn. With all do respect to Lehmanns preformance as it was top knotch. However Kahn is the superior goalie and his record does show quite impressive stats after a previous loss in tournament finals.

  • Merlin

    What a joke, to the person who said Argentina deserved to go through! Not quite! Yes of course Argentina played well all through the world cup & yes they played well against Germany but the facts are they blew it on the penalty kicks! Germany won fair & square & they Argentina were poor sports & started a fight with the hope of getting as many German players red carded as they could & they failed at that as well. You should be glad Argentina lost that game as if they had won they would have beat Italy if they had been matched up that’s for sure! Italy had to have a player take a dive in extra time to beat of all teams Australia who have never been known as a soccer power so get your facts straight & all Italy could muster in the first round was a pety tie with the American’s & since when have the American’s been able to play soccer? It matters not the final between France & Italy was very boring as both teams played slugish through out the cup. What a big letdown it was for fans’ of the sport to see those two teams scrape & crawl through that final.

  • Sam

    If you believe penalty’s are a guessing game then you must not be a goalkeeper. Stopping a point blank shot from 12 yards with a huge net is no easy task.

  • wolfen

    Dear rasputin & merlin, I don’t realy care for Italy, ithink they play a very smart soccer and are impeccable on reading games,but remember that against Australia they played with 10 men for an hour,Australia is not kwnown in the soccer world, but all their players play in europe’s first divisions and 4/5 in Italy,luck was on their side after it turned its back on them in the previous cups, Italy won,so be it,I liked Portugal in the cup,with Italy and Germany,but dissapointed in Engalnd,Brazil and Argentina.have a happy holiday!!!

  • jorge

    KAhn needs to get over all of this… the year before the world cup lehmann played great and earned his spot as starting goalkeeper… even if he had played against italy they still would have won because they played better soccer, and even if kahn played a perfect game they would have won because a keeper can change a game but he can only do so much… oh and by the way i agree completely with wolfen

  • DynastySoccerFC …Rasputin

    Wolfen you are correct on a number of points …

    True many players from Australia do indeed play on top flight club teams in Europe it’s just as a national team they have never really been known as a powerhouse year in, year out. Just like Ireland for instance. They have many great talented players That play all over Europe but seem to fail as a national team at the international level. As for me I’ve always liked Italy’s national team as they always have great players. However I call them like I see them & try not to be bias as it’s not a racial issue for me like some people that post here. Against Australia Italy had problems the entire game & the penalty they were given was not a just call at all. The Italian player in question took a classic dive & it worked out in Italy’s favor. Now are Italy the only team that does this? Of course not! They all do it! I don’t care for diving but FIFA allows it so if I like it or not it’s part of the game.

  • DynastySoccerFC

    Wolfen …

    Back in the day when I was younger & played professional club ball in Europe Nobody dived as it was really looked down upon. I was a striker & anytime I hit the turf it was because I was brought down by defenders. Now it seems the whole issue of diving is part of every team’s tactics as the defenders are as quick as the forwards they mark & most teams play in a defense mode the entire game so what is happening is the diving tactics are used to open up a chance to score. As far as I’m concerned if a player has to take dives time & time again to get calls in his team’s favor regardless of his nationality or what team he plays for well then all it proves is he simply does not have the skills to beat the defenders he faces one on one. I do hope FIFA will get off their lofty behinds & do something to curb all the diving & play acting that goes on. You see a player rolling around on the pitch in so called agony as if his leg has been cut off & the second he sees the call goes his way he’s up jumping for joy & running off as if nothing had happened. This kind of garbage has to stop as it’s ruining the game. Back in my day if a player pulled that we would be taken off the pitch & sent down to the reserves team.

  • Dunga

    Well put Rasputin! Well put! I for one am glad you spoke up about this giova person as giova seems to like to leave sarcastic post here to flame hatred. Life is too short for that & giova must be a very unhappy person as giova’s post are always tinted with anger. I’m willing to bet giova has never played the game beyond street football so giova’s views have no valid meaning. Rasputin, are you the same player that played for Wolves some years back when they were in the same bracket with Man U & Liverpool before the setup that stands now in England? Also somebody here said you also played for the Republic of Ireland is this also true? I hope you & your family had a nice Christmas! Let me know if my information is true? Dunga.

  • giova* * * *

    What is so wrong about someone stating his opinion on players and clubs. If you don’t agree with me fine, but pleasedo not accuse me of inciting hatred. I beleive that the best team in the worl is Italy, I also beleive the best team players are Italian. Note, I did not say individual players. There are some individual players like Ronaldinho which no Italian player can match up to skill wise. Football is not an individual sport. It is a team sport, an interactive chess game, a war on the feild if you will. Italy was much superior than Germany in the battle and that is why I say it did’nt matter who they had in net, Italy was not going to lose that game. Now, if Argentina were to beat Germany, Italys chances would be slim to none in reaching the finals because they just don’t match up well against them. So these are my opinions, like them or hate them. I also want to state 4 facts (not opinions)1934* 1938* 1982* 2006* Thats right

  • Heath Young

    It’s egotistical and pointless of Kahn to make these statements, and I’ll say that I don’t think it would have made the difference for them, but Lehmann did not actually play that well in Germany. In fact, it was a pretty poor performance by his standards with the exception of the shootout. Germany played some brilliant attacking football, but Lehmann looked suspect for a lot of it. That said, it’s silly for Kahn to say they would have won the final with him in net.

  • Cheyne

    The only thing wrong with your comments giova is you through in your little snide remarks with sarcastic banter to rile people up. If you don’t like Kahn or German football for that matter then don’t post in German related football news. Go create your own site where you can post all you want to yourself. Nobody likes you here anyways so it’s not as if your childish remarks are making you any friends.

  • wolfen

    I hope you all have a happy new year!!!!

  • giova* * * *

    I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to talk football

  • Cheyne

    To talk Football You have to had played Football & I’m not talking what your version of Football is which is via- the arm chair with a tv remote & a pile of junk food. I’m willing to bet you have never even played but just like to sound off as if you had as this is the only avenue you have to whine. Like I said this story here is about a German keeper, Kahn. It’s pretty clear you dont care for German people or German Football. Post your rants on Italian Football related stories & dont harrasss German people, or fans of German Football. It’s not right & it’s childish.

  • DynastySoccerFC …Rasputin

    Mr. Cheyne ….

    The best thing to do is not waste your time trying to reason with this kid. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. It’s clear he’s a very unhappy little person & nothing makes an unhappy person happier than to drag others into their unhappiness so just have a little pity & thank God your not like him & click (IGNORE!) As daft in the head as this person is, once he sees nobody responds to his simple minded racial remarks, he will go find somewhere else to post. Look at it this way. Little guys are like little dogs. Always trying to pick a fight with a bigger dog to make up for their lack of size.

  • Max

    Look all of you are being a little harsh on Kahn. He’s old and trying to deal with the nearing end of his career and he just feels he was wrong done by. Most of the people who posted things that are putting down Kahn are also putting down German football in general so you shouldn’t be posting her because no one likes to hear anyone dissrespecting their country an their football team. And for those of you who say another team should have beatin Germany go home and cry we don’t want to hear about it.

  • giova * * * *

    I’ve played football all my life and still do, at least once a week. And when I’m not watching it on television, I play fifa 07 online on my 360. I know my soccer and and laugh when guys like you make your anti-Italian comments. Germany has a good young team but the goalies they have suck. This is the reason I think Germany stinks. Not Germany the nation or the German people but the German team because of their goaltending. Now, if they could find a real goaltender, watch out world. You cheyne and rasputin, whatever your names are–I feel your pain, your envy. But I must say I feel embarassed for you when I read your self righteous comments. Like you know everything, like you know me. You don’t know me. I’m not going to spend a second more on you pwukes. I’m still going to post my opinions–you don;t like it, ignore it. Or do everybody a favour, quit whining and shut the —- up!