Kaka Better Than Ronaldo – Sheva

Chelsea striker Andriy Shevchenko believes AC Milan’s Kaka is the best player in the world ahead of Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Shevchenko played with 25-year-old Kaka at Milan before joining the Premiership champions last summer.

When asked, in an interview in La Gazzetta dello Sport, to choose between Brazil international Kaka and Portugal’s Ronaldo, Shevchenko did not hesitate.

“Kaka is the strongest player in the world,” said the 30-year-old Ukrainian.

“He deserves the Ballon D’Or (European player of the year award) and I’m certain he will get it, if not this time maybe in the not-too-distant future.”

Shevchenko believes his former team still have the upper hand in the race to reach the Champions League final despite losing 3-2 at Old Trafford in Tuesday’s semi-final first-leg against United.

“At Manchester, Milan played exceptional football in the first half and were hindered with the injuries to Gennaro Gattuso and Paolo Maldini,” he said.

“Milan are a likeable team because they always play beautiful games.

“They play open football and in the Champions League they have played better. There is a respect for their top players and for the club.

“Milan have what it takes to progress to the final.”

Shevchenko admits that meeting Milan in the final in Athens would be in some ways an ordeal for him.

“I still don’t want to think about it,” he said. “There are still games to play before the final.

“Of course, for me it would be a thrilling evening and complicated, because Milan is not my former team but a family, a part of my life.”


  • Keeeper King

    I think they are about equal. I think Ronaldo is way faster than Kaka but Kaka has more technical ability.

  • giova * * * *

    I would like to see both playing on the same team–unstoppable.

  • Keeeper King

    Quite Tasty. Good idea giova**** I forgive you for saying you would never post here again.

  • Tesoro

    Tough call both are extremely talented. I like Ronaldo better,but Kaka is a good addition to any team.

  • wolfen

    kaka’ or cristainao ronaldo ??? uhm, that’s like saying ‘do you want a million dollars in one hundred dollar bills os fifties?’ who cares…it’s the same.

  • giova * * * *

    I’d rather have them in 100’s because it would be less bulky and take up less space.

  • no name

    stop with dumb comments about money. Ronaldo may be more talented but kaka is a wiser a better player hands down. The A.C. vs. Man U. game showed that

  • Rod

    What did it show? United won the game.

  • soccer maniac

    i think that kaka is way better than ronaldo

  • Revelian S. N

    Come on guys! Ronaldo is extremly best player in the world currently. Those who says kaka is better, it is because he scored that two goals in the first leg. Just wait and see in the 2nd leg. I hope most of you gona have a lot but different stories on Kaka vs Ronaldo.

  • Anonymous

    in the man u and ac game te two goals by kaka were mistakes, he didnt earn them. they wee due to mere mistakes from defensive plyers not playing in their usual positions.also ronni is the better of the two

  • The DOORS

    No way! Kaka’s goals were spot on. It’s just he was the only one from Milan up front that was able to step up. You can’t really blame Milan’s keeper for the goals against Milan either as Milan’s defense folded BIG TIME! Like somebody else on this site stated you have to play United for the full 90 minutes if you expect to come out on top & Milan didn’t do that in the first game. No matter the second game should be a good one.

  • bredred

    they are both extremely gifted players. Ronaldo with his pace and trickery, kaka with his vision , and finishing. Im man united so im gonna say ronaldo

  • tico

    Kaka is the best no doubt.

  • elio garcia

    kaka is the best

  • Anonymous

    they both run at people, they both score. but i think ronaldo is more effective for his team than kaka is. ronaldo is currently better than kaka…