Kaka: I Never Feared Istanbul Repeat

Brazilian playmaker Kaka believes AC Milan were destined to make amends for their Istanbul nightmare after claiming the Champions League crown on Wednesday night.

Milan beat Liverpool 2-1 in Athens to clinch their seventh European title, with Kaka setting up Filippo Inzaghi for his second goal of the night as the Italians avenged their painful defeat at the hands of the Premiership club two years ago.

“We knew that had we played the final in Istanbul one thousand times, we would not have suffered the same result,” Kaka said.

The 2005 final turned into a horror show for Milan after the Reds came back from a 3-0 half-time deficit to win on penalties in Kaka’s first European final.

The Rossoneri were made to sweat again on Wednesday after Liverpool’s Dirk Kuyt reduced the 2-0 deficit a minute from time, but this time the Rossoneri never doubted their ability to come out on top.

“We knew that fortune was on our side and even after they scored, we would still make it,” Kaka said. “It is a unique feeling to win this competition.”

The inspirational Kaka, who has been Milan’s undisputed star this season, is now favourite to win the Ballon D’Or after topping the Champions League scoring charts with 10 goals.

“I have always maintained that individual awards would only come as a consequence of what I did with my team,” he said. “I am privileged to be the star of this team, I can only say that we are a great team.”


  • Antonio Garcia

    Kaka left out the part of Milan being cheats. After all they were deducted points in serieA for the match fix scandal. They shouldn’t have been allowed to compete in the champions league for that. Had it been a team from spain, england, france, holland, portugal, or any other european nation guilty of the same crime they would be banned from playing in champions league. Italian soccer is as dirty & crooked as it gets. Milan are nothing more than common crooks just like all the crooked teams that come from their league.

  • bredred

    Milan arn’t cheats niether is any other team that was involved in the scandal. It was all done behind the scenes and in the board rooms. The players and coaches had no idea about the betting

  • Antonio Garcia

    Sure they are cheats. If they were not they wouldn’t have had points deducted & Juve wouldn’t have been sent down to serieB. Who are you trying to fool? It really does not matter if the players knew or not as the club itself sure knew what they were doing was wrong so that makes the club as a whole cheats & dishonest. It’s not good for the game when a club breaks the rules & does not have to pay a price. If a team is caught doing something that’s not legal then they should be banned from any cups as well as being demoted to the next lower division. It should apply to all teams in all leagues worldwide no matter what. AC Milan = 2007 champions league cheats.

  • giova * * * *

    Jealousy burns so bad.

  • Sean

    AC is full of cheats anyway. On the first goal it hit off the guys arm and then he claimed it. that goal should go to Pirlo or have been considered a hand ball