Kaká OK, Emerson KO'd?

AC Milan man Kaká appears to be in good enough shape to face France in tomorrow’s eagerly-anticipated quarter-final against the 1998 champions that delayed Brazil’s ‘Penta’ (fifth World Cup) until the Far East edition of four years ago.

Juventus midfield dynamo Emerson will also be returning to training, according to the CBF (Confederation of Brazilian Football). Word around the campfire, however, suggested that the veteran may not have made the speedy recovery his San Siro pin-up colleague has made.

Both Kaká and Emerson left the field limping after Ghanaian tackles aimed for their kneecaps and surrounding ligaments rather than the ball. The afternoon training session – scheduled for 5pm (Berlin) – will be the final test of whether or not the number 5 is apt to play against France.


  • beto

    brasil is going to beat france

  • dylan

    way to state the obvious

  • Bobby

    Brazil will anniahilate France and its gonna be so bad i think i even spelled the word wrong!! aight fo sho peace out and good luck

  • dylan

    Lets slow down Bobby Brown France has a pretty good team and Thierry Henry.

  • Bereket Kidane

    i believe brazil is going to lose tommorow. The reason being is brazil have skill player,however, they are not determine team. France are more determine, they are going to eleminate brazil; France are going to advance to sami final. Ronaldo need to loose weigh and he is not in good shape.

  • david

    Brazil will win for sure, but what about how dirty Ghana played. All those dirty tackles and dives against the USA.

  • charlie

    hahahhahhaha france won! that wut i thought chumps

  • valeria vazquez

    Kaka i want to say that your the man of my dreams. You are so HOT and i love you. You are one of the best mid-field in Brasil. I hope you keep on playing better than Cristiano Ronaldo. I hope you keep scoring goals. Remember you have a #1 fan in Laredo, Texas.