Kaka Wants Real Madrid Move – Robinho

Real Madrid forward Robinho has revealed that Kaka told him he would love to move to Real Madrid, should Milan allow him to. He also spoke about his own future.

“I am scoring important goals and I hope to continue in the same vein until the end of the season,” he said, speaking on Marca Radio.

“The year did not begin well. I was not happy.

“But in football, things can change very quickly, and with my dedication, I have shown that I have the desire to play.

“I did not say that I would leave Real Madrid at end of the season. Also, things have changed, and I am happy here. I want to see out my contract, and showcase my football.”

Speaking of Kaka, he had some comments that will interest most football fans, one way or the other.

“I do not know if Kaká will sign [for Real Madrid], because he is the champion of Europe,” said the Brazilian.

“What I do know is that he likes Real Madrid a lot, and speaks very well about our club.

“He has told me that he would be delighted to play here, but that it is very difficult that Milan let him leave.”

“Real Madrid would win a lot with Kaká,” he continued. “I am sure that if he wins the Golden Ball, he will be a deserving winner.

“He is just as good off as on the pitch. He is very religious, and very calm.”


  • bredred

    Wow. To be honest, I think that robinho is out of his mind. Kaka just one the champions league with a team that is built around him. He is Milans pride and joy and if Milan make some key transfers this summer, real will have to start looking elseware because he won’t be going anywhere

  • Keeeper King

    I hope Kaka Stays. Real Madrid is a bunch of Whiners. Go Milan. Go Kaka. But stay at Milan

  • wolfen

    I hope it’s all hype, kaka seems at home at Milan,he just just won the Champions league and he’s one of the main links in Milan’s chain.

  • giova * * * *

    How stupid would he have to be to leave Milan after he just won the champions league with them and without Ronaldo in the lineup due to ineligibility. How much better will they be next year? I’d like for Milan to make a move for Cannavaro. If they would be able to acquire him they would have the best defensive line in the world to go along with that potent attack.

  • wolfen

    Hi giova, oh boy! if Milan gets Cannavaro it’s going to be tough for anyone(they already have Nesta),for my Roma’s sake I hope not,Hey than Cannavaro can say he played for the three top teams(Juve,Inter & Milan)even if Roma is right there with them.

  • Trey

    Kaka leaving Milan is almost as incredible as Henry going to Barcelona!! either way i think that Barca will be able to step up over Madrid even with Kaka, but it will still be a big and exciting season.

  • amos

    k ak a
    mostleav milan to starthis futur

  • me

    reald madrid is crap, kaka wont go anywere

  • bhekinho

    i think kaka will be wise to make a move madid because he has won a lot with milan so its time to go on to a great team like real madrid it will be a great thing to do

  • Keeeper King

    I take that back Kaka should go to Newcastle United and lead the toon to victory.

  • leo

    i think real madrid really need kaka if they wont to beat barcelona and win the champions league.

  • Kyle

    kaka is one of the best and should play at the best club.Real Madrid plays the best football and if AC cant win without him then they dont deserve to be champions.

  • Chandler Bing

    I feel Kaka should move to Madrid, with the money they are offering, wow 90 mil is no joke. Besides he will be more celebrated in Madrid taking into consideration that they were given the crown of best club in the world in the last century.

  • dang

    I think it would be a smart choice for kaka 2 go n join hiz country team mate: robinho

  • adriano

    i think that the people who are saying that he should move to real madrid are loosers because he is doing so good at the san siro he is pretty much home at milan so he will probably stay there until hes contract is due but all you real madrid fans good luck trying to get him.

  • Keeeper King

    Yes. Because he will go to Newcastle United.

  • Mason- Brooklyn, NY, USA

    Whoever mentioned Kaka’ making a move to Real to be next to his Brazilian teammate Ribhino is nuts!! Kaka’ is at home in San Siro (how many Brazilians play with him there???) Gilardino is leaving but Pato is a really promising substitute as a Milan starter; he has the potential to even be mentioned as a ‘world best’ player when he develops. Along with Nesta (one of the best defenders in the world) and Pirlo (one of the best 20-30m passers in the world) Kaka’ and Milan could really make some damage in the leagues; like they did last year (even though they didn’t make the EPL- there’s always next time.) Go Kaka’! Go Milan! And PLEASE don’t sell Pirlo for Eto’o- we need more great midfielders than strikers.

  • Mason- Brooklyn, NY, USA

    Oh yeah- forgot to mention that Real Madrid is the sellout team where superstar players go to end their careers; Look at Beckham, Ronaldo, Van Nis, etc- which superstar got BETTER by playing at Real Madrid??? None! Kaka’ would make €100 with the move but would be the last money he will make in Europe.But with his philanthropy work- I doubt he’ll chase the money or fake R Madrid ‘glory’- he’s acheived far more at Milan.

  • Eric B.

    Kaka better not leave Milan dammit! I just bought his damn jersey! He better not be going anywhere!

  • none

    dont leave kaka