When playing for the Serie A's Parma and the Italian National Team Italian striker, Antonio Cassano wears Diadora's Net Breathing System.

Keeping cool feet with Diadora

Italian company Diadora has been making footwear for over 59 years and received some notice on the soccer pitch back in 2012 during the European Championships on Italian striker Antonio. Since then Diadora has been stepping up their footwear game.

In addition to releasing some new speed silos, Diadora has developing a technology that they hope will revolutionize footwear – the Net Breathing System.

Diadora has used a fancy, futuristic machine (aka computerized thermal imaging) that measures body heat when playing soccer, working out, running and biking. For years, they’ve watched, studied and documented.

What did they learn?

They’ve learned that a body in well-ventilated gear performs better and for longer. They’ve learned that one of the hottest spots on the human body is on the bottom of our feet, yet most shoes have a solid, dense, unbreathable outsole. Diadora has proven that keeping cool feet during game play can be just as valuable as keeping a cool head.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 3.02.02 PM

Diadora’s solution is the Net Breathing System. To say the least, we’re guessing, that it posed something of a problem to develop a ventilated outsole that would let hot air escape while not letting water, mud and grass into the shoe. There’s a lot of science behind Diadora’s Net Breathing System, but it all comes down to the fact that Diadora developed a mesh-and-pebax combo that lets the foot’s steamy air escape, while keeping water out and debris of the shoe.

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Diadora’s R & D team explains the technology:

Find the Net Breathing System is on Diadora’s Evoluzione K Pro GX 14, DD-Eleven GX 14 and Solano GX 14 cleats. What do you think?