Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar makes his mark in Holland

The Hunter makes his mark in Holland

All Klaas-Jan Huntelaar does is score. Despite having only played four full seasons in Holland’s Eredivisie, Huntelaar is poised to win his second league scoring title, not to mention the scoring title he won in the Ereste Divisie, Holland’s second highest league, the year before he broke into the top flight. In addition to these scoring titles, Huntelaar has also been named the 2006 Dutch Football Talent of the Year and Ajax Player of the Year.Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

Huntelaar, known as the Hunter for his attacking prowess, made his Eredivisie debut with PSV Eindhoven, but only appeared in one game for the legendary side before being loaned out to De Graafschap (where he played as a youth) and second division AGOVV. PSV let Huntelaar slip away, though, and he signed with SC Heerenveen in 2004. Heerenveen benefited from his scoring capabilities and earned a birth in the UEFA Cup in part due to the Hunter’s efforts. Huntelaar retained his scoring touch the next season, scoring an amazing seven goals over a period of four games in December 2005 and was subsequently transferred to his current team, Ajax.

The Dutch sensation has begun to make his mark on the international level as well as the domestic. Though Huntelaar was left off the 2006 World Cup team in favor of more established strikers like Ruud Van Nistelroy and Dirk Kuyt, the young star dazzled at the UEFA U-21 Championships, scoring four goals and leading Holland to the title. This success has earned him several appearances with the senior national team and it seems that this summer’s European Championships will be the time when Klaas-Jan Huntelaar shows the rest of the continent his fantastic abilities and becomes a household name.


  • Zachary

    y does he wanna play in one of the most boring leagues in the world, he should come and play 4 a real team like manchester united instead of a borin team like ajax

  • G

    More like real madrid they play in the best leauge

  • jon

    he should go to barcelona a really good dutch like him

  • Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

    No No Arsenal is the place to go
    Amazing youth program and beside he wont shine in barcelona due to good young players like de santos , and messi

  • j

    why is kuyt taken over huntelaar….kuyt sux, and ugly as ****

  • Dutchy

    You guys are all insane! He should stay right where he is in Ajax (1 of the top teams in the world) they won the Champions League a few years ago with van der Saar. And Ajax (not Arsenal!) has the BEST youth system in the world. Also Dirk Kuyt does not suck and in fact grew up in the same town as my family and now owns a home on what used to be my families property.

  • soccer guru

    to Dutchy: your insane! there is no way Ajax is a top team in the world! you have: Man UTD, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Lyon Olympiacos, AS Roma, Inter Milan, AC milan, etc. (need i go on!!!!) Dirk Kuyt does suk!!!!!! he folds in big games and doesn’t score alot of goals and also, who cares if he owns a home from former family members of yours… like he cares!!!!!!!!
    PS: i totaly agree with Zachary and G; that klass-jan huntelaar should go 2 a huge club like Man UTD, or Real Madrid, or Chealse (they desperately need him if they can get him!) or some huge club… not like a soft team like Ajax …..

  • person

    he doesnt need to go to a big team yet, he might just be a good player in the smaller leagues and in the big ones he will prob be shut down if he plays against defenders like william gallas, jamie carragher,carlos puyol etc

  • joe black

    its dos santos not de santos. he should go to Real Madrid and play with Robben, Van Nistelrooy and Sneijder

  • Spain Euro08 Champions

    Hunter is good but lets not forget about Cesc Fabregas and Torres and Villa

  • Delgado

    as much as i’d like to see him play for a team in spain, I agree with Dutchy. Dutchy has a pretty good grasp on things, so i won’t need to say what i have to say because it’s just like his opinion. He should play for Ajax.

  • A person who knows Soccer

    HE should come play for a huge club called D.C. United in The U.S. he can improve by playing aginst the best players in teh world like Ben Olsen Jaime Moreno, Bobby Ballance. He can learn a lot more then going to some terrble european club called Arsenal or Man UTD of Chelsea

  • d.c. united sucks

    all i gotta say is mls sucks and everybody agrees

  • a

    i know i do. we also havent had the experience of playing it for as long as all the other countries. that is one of the main reasons why it sucks

  • b

    pretty sure he was being sarcastic…

  • sky

    by the way dutchy, not to bash on you but kuyt does suck major kahunas, and he looks like that retarded monster from the goonies.

  • kuyt

    alright kuyt does not suck. he started and was a big part of liverpool’s success. also a couple days ago he gave his team two assists against the world cup champs. i wouldn’t call that folding under pressure

  • b

    how about we stop bashing kuyt for what he looks like and stick to how he plays? the guy before made a good point, he did have those assists…

  • sheva7

    maybe he should stay with ajax because they have a good reputation for developing premier players and then shipping them off to the larger clubs. his time will come soon enough

  • some guy

    aight ‘b’ even if we stop bashing kuyt on his looks, we can still bash on his play. two assists dot mean you are a world class player. lets face it guys KUYT SUCKS!!!!!

  • hup holland

    the hunter rules. ajax is world class and for now the best place for huntelaar. kuyt is a great player. scored today for netherlands. holland’s going all the way in euro with kuyt and huntelaar. that’s all that needs to be said.

  • dutch master

    ajax is a world class club they are consistently in the champions league they have won it and they have won eredivisie the most. granted I feel a move could become smart to a more lucrative team that could use a player like him, united sure could look for someone like him with the uncertainty at that position in depth and diversity. but to say ajax isn’t a top club is just wrong, they may not be as good as they once were, but the standards as a top club have got to be clubs that even make it to the champions league, because there are a lot of clubs out there. Also kuyt isn’t the hunter, but he has some experience with being good as he was with feyenoord. There is a certain joy with winning your own country’s title, and league titles are only ever obtained by about 4 teams in each league in an sport like football where there is no salary cap.

  • Holland for life

    Holland and spain are going to meet in the finals

  • kaka227

    lol he shud got to mls even tho theyre terrible. Im sick of watchin horrible players here in the US. All we got is a washed up david beckham, 2 young gambians (nyassi and mansally), matt reis, and a diving mexican(blanco).

  • sheva7

    you cant forget dwayne de rosario for houston in the mls. hes a quality player and people enjoy watching him

  • dude

    im sorry to all you mls fans out there, but dwayne de rosario sucks and is what i think the most overrated player in the mls. He scored the game winner against chelsea in mls allstar game. And that stupid walk he does after he scores.. cmon man. Robbie Keane from tottenham’s cartwheels look better than that. Last but not least, Huntelaar should go to a bigger club to take his game to the next level. It’s the only way he’s gonna get better.

  • MUluv4evr0710

    Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is amazing… actually the whole Netherlands team is amazing. Hup Netherlands

  • eddie scoresgoals

    klass is class,
    netherlands/spain v. portugal/croatia in final
    ajax is a big team, but have fallen off in the past 4 years. great youth system, maybe better than arsenal’s.
    kuyt is solid, but on a team like holland, there are better attacking options.
    van basten likes kuyt b/c hes a better set-up man than most of the other dutch forwards, who are finishers, but not set-up players.

  • J-Town

    Huntelaar should go to manchester united
    playing with great strikers like tevez and rooney would help
    playing in the premier league at a young age would benifit him and shape him into a well defined striker
    kuyt is ugly btw

  • mac

    Huntelaar should go to real madrid, the best team

  • alex

    these guys are better than i thought- they beat the world cup champions (italy) 3-0 and france 4-1. they will win the cup, i know.

  • alex

    go buddy!

  • sheva7

    hey dude. just becuase the mls is a not as talented league doesnt mean all the players suck. i live in the USA. and thats what is on tv so i support my league. i dont go bashing others like yourself

  • messi

    ok heres the bottom line MLS SUCKS! kuyt is ugly but sucks but sometimes scores importants goals huntelaar should leave AJAX cuz ajaz is a team that is old and hunter should move on to a bigger club like manchester, barca, real madrid, chelsea but best 4 him is real madrid cuz his friends r their so stop arguing and MLS SUKS OKthey SUCK and who gives a dam about beckham he’s a old geezer

  • messi

    to sheva7 i live in usa so wut? i kno their are some ok players like blanco and that klejstian dood on chivas but compare them to the europeans face it mls does suk i mean would u rather watch a game between manchester and real madrid or would u watch chivas and galaxys?

  • dude

    I am with messi on this one, just because the mls is the only soccer on tv, (but actually it’s not) doesnt mean that you have to watch it. Just het the fox soccer channel and shut up.

  • TSoc61

    Don’t you youngsters know anything about the ‘Beautiful Game’?If you REALLY loved the game,you’d support it at ALL levels!!!As a soccer starved American,I lived through the days of the N.A.S.L. and all other leagues since!In the meantime,be thankful for ANY soccer we have on T.V.!Be thankful and patronize sites like EUROSPORT that allow us a place to purchase quality soccer equipment and discuss all things soccer.This was not possible 35 years ago when I started playing!Thanks EUROSPORT!!And for chronic MLS haters like ‘messi’,why don’t you post your soccer resume so we can see how great you play?!?!!Just a thought!On to World Cup 2010!!!

  • waaaaa56

    WHO IS THIS #@^%^@#%

  • TSoc61

    Oh please accept my sincerest apology ‘waaaaa56’.I didn’t mean for you to have to read and comprehend an ENTIRE PARAGRAPH!!HAPPY 4TH EVERYBODY!!!!

  • libet


  • TSoc61

    Nederlands DID rock!!Best team in tourney NOT to win!!Reminded me of total soccer at 1974 WC!!(Sorry-showing my age!)Youngsters,feel free to GOOGLE TOTAL SOCCER/1974WC for soccer history homework.Heck with defense,go SCORE GOALS!!!