Lalas Cools Donovan Speculation

Los Angeles general manger Alexi Lalas has put to bed rumours that the club will be forced to deal Landon Donovan before next season.

With David Beckham arriving soon, plus the recent additions of Carlso Pavon and Abel Xavier, observers were becoming concerned that the Galaxy were backing themselves into a salary cap corner.

“Where we are now, we’re a lot more comfortable than we were a month ago,” Lalas told the Daily Breeze. “We’re fine.”

“Landon is a huge part of the organization.”


  • Dave

    Donovan should consider himself lucky hes been able to even have a career in soccer. This dude always seems to choke & freeze up in big games like in last years world cup. He looked like a lost puppy out there that got punked one time after another. Yo When are you guys gonna start to post your own stories? The ones you have here you lift from as they are posted on that site a full three days before you post them here. Come on dudes! Be orginal will ya!

  • Ken

    Well I like soccer. I like to watch a good game between two good teams but that’s it really. What I do not care for is all the drama that is tied up with it. It’s almost like a sports related soap opera. All this silly drama. Who cares what Lalas has to say? I sure don’t !

  • janet

    I love soccer and my favorite is USA and I love donovan