Lehmann: We Can Win If Relaxed

Germany netminder Jens Lehmann believes the hosts can achieve great things at World Cup 2006 if they can remember that soccer is only a game.

“We all need to enjoy this World Cup and not think about the huge pressure,” he told reporters. “I noticed from playing in the Champions League that it is fun to play in the big games.”

“I am convinced we can go on a good run with this team and land the ultimate prize.”


  • gerald

    If it’s fun to play in big games, it must be even more fun to get kicked out of big games, right Jens?

  • Brandon

    Jens will just loose germany the world cup, just like he lost arsenal the champions league final. Terrible choice for the germans #1. Not like Kahn is much better either, hes a head case as well. I mean who in their right mind would yell at schevchanko, after missing a pk? Germany has no shot, even in their own country!