Mama Ronaldo wants son at Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother wants her to son to play for Real Madrid rather than any English team.

The Portugal international is currently playing a major role in Manchester United’s bid for the English Premier League title but his mother, Dolores Aveiro, is keen to see her 22-year-old son at the Bernabeu.

She told Spanish TV channel Canal Plus: “I don’t like English teams but I know I have to like them because he (Ronaldo) is at Manchester.

“But for me… Real Madrid. Of all the foreign clubs, Real Madrid is the best. Before I die I would like him (Ronaldo) to play for Real Madrid. I would really like that and then I could die, it wouldn’t matter.”

Ronaldo signed a five-year contract extension with Sir Alex Ferguson’s side in 2007 and has struck 17 league goals so far this season.


  • stephen

    I would rather see him in spain (or italy) other than england too.

  • Israel Ronaldo Zapata

    I beleive its a good idea, but he should go were he feels best, I personally think he is better of at Barcelona with Deco, because to me the team(barcelona)is going through a bad moment because of Ronaldinhos isue, I beleive that if Cristiano Ronaldo goes to Barce he will be the one and only person that can help Barce be the champs, but I am a Barce as well as a Man U fan, I think its Cristiano Ronaldos choice, Go Cristiano your the best, way better then KAKA, i love you.

  • yeaa

    dont move…. hes doin to good right now

  • eddie

    i feel he should say @ man united because i i’m a big united fan i would like to see him go. big man u. fan from barbados west indies.

  • Cornelius

    RONALDO! stay at Old Trafford! The best football is in England, therefore the best player in the world should stay in England. Competition in Spain is very weak, except for madrid and barca. Ronaldo already has his money, and he needs to stay where he can have the best competition. Who cares what his mom thinks? She’s not the one playing. Manchester United would be very very foolish to let him go. Whatever it takes, they should keep him.


    Dude Ronaldo needs to stay here at Man U. Why should he go he is playin the best ball of his life right now. Spain is all right nd all but seriously the only big competition over there is barca and real madrid. It’s not his moms decision anyways.

  • Kyle

    He just scored his hat trick, the fans love him, and real madrid just lost all its players(beckham, ronaldo, zidane). He would be foolish to leave rooney, ferdinand, and all the other greats behind.

  • Anonymous

    Refer to the newest article that says that R. Madrid’s manager will make C. Ronaldo the most expensive player. That is the problem. The more expensive, the harder to get the player; he could just lower the price and somebody could get him before R. Madrid could. The point is, I would keep him in M. Utd instead of moving him. He already made a lot friends there, and they would be very displeased if he would move.

  • SergioRamos4

    He needs to join Real Madrid because if he wants to be the best player in the world he has to player for the best team in the world which is obviously Real Madrid.. Him and Robinho would be awesome on the wings and would be unstopable.. Move Sneijder back to center mid with diarra.. that is the best midfield

  • Djica

    The best for Cristiano Ronaldo it is stay in england play with manchester united

  • @net

    i like david beckham ratherthan c.ronaldo because MU need long pass high accuration not high skill.giggs it’s enough for MU

  • Haziq

    Manutd fan in brunei darussalam said Cristiano ronaldo can’t leave manutd because england team is the best of the best..Don’t follow ur mom because ur mom are wrong..We all know that u love ur mom..But,please don’t leave manutd,rooney,giggs and the other player

  • Haziq

    Please don’t leave manutd..Ur mom are wrong cause manchester united F.C is the one made you the best player in the world..Don’t you remenber?

  • Ikaika

    Ronaldo needs to stay at Man United. Man United is the best team in the world. They just won the Premier league and Champions league. It would be stupid to leave when he is the best player on the best team in the world. Stay Ronaldo and make Manchester United the best team ever.

  • Anonymous

    i disagree w/ ikaika man u isnt the best team in the world real madrid is