Maradona Believes Tevez Could Move

Diego Maradona believes Carlos Tevez may be on the verge of leaving Manchester United and the Argentina coach recommends Inter Milan as his future club.

Tevez has fallen out of favour with Sir Alex Ferguson this season and remained on the bench during United’s 3-0 win over title rivals Chelsea.

Maradona was at Old Trafford for the match on Sunday and was troubled about Tevez’s exclusion.

He told Corriere dello Sport: “I saw Manchester United win without Tevez. This isn’t good for him.

“Certain episodes are certainly bringing closer his exit. Italy and Inter in particular would be excellent solutions.

“What’s more, his contract is running out, which makes it easier to change team.”


  • soccerwiz

    Maradona is a moron. His brain is so messed up from the drugs and alcohol. Tevez has said many times before that he is content with being in Manchester. He is smart enough not to leave. I highly doubt Sir Ferguson would let a talent such as Tevez get away from him. Maradona can think what he wants but he should know he is wrong

  • Anonymous

    Only a bigger moron would think that a player such as Tevez would want to stay with a club and not play.

  • Omar

    Maradona doesn’t know what he is saying, and even though i am a Manchester United fan he should not leave because he is a great player and Manchester needs him.