Messi: Chelsea Defenders Should Calm Down

Barcelona playmaker Lionel Messi believes Chelsea’s defenders must keep control in Tuesday night’s Champions League clash between the two sides at the Nou Camp.

There have been a number of flash points in matches between the two over the last couple of seasons, with Messi attracting criticism in the previous campaign for the way he reacted to a challenge from Asier del Horno, with the Spaniard ultimately sent-off.

“I am fit again and ready to take on Chelsea,” Messi told the Daily Star.

“But I demand the Chelsea defenders calm down because, against them, I always get more kicks than in other matches.

“I think that some other teams have watched what Chelsea have done and copied their tactics, especially Real Madrid recently.

“Chelsea always try to kick me the most though – just look at the last few games between us.

“But I am sure we will win this game 2-0 as there is no way we can play as badly as we did at Stamford Bridge.

“But for us to beat (Jose) Mourinho in particular, it will be sensational.”


  • salieu bah


  • oba

    chelsea is a team with alot of pride,milions was invested to combat the likes of manu and ansernal from totaly dominating the english premier league, but everyone know class is class, their aint no team in the world better than the catalan gaint’s(basa)

  • anon

    I think messi is just a little girl whining trying to make excuses for not doing anything against chelsea’s stifling defense. he really should just shut his mouth and play instead of about being kicked, who does that seriously? your playing football, your gonna get kicked, its that simple, who said that football was a no-contact sport? and who is he to make such demands, yes he is obviously very talented, but he still hasnt done nearly enough to even begin to start making demands.

  • ronaldinhowillFUup

    barca will win

  • Myles

    They didn’t win.

  • dude

    you guys need shut your mouths about barca they rock chelsea sucks

  • Fernando

    I think barca will winn because they have one of the best strikers in soccer.

  • Heath Young

    Hate to break it to you Fernando, but it’s already taken place and was a 2-2 tie after Chelsea took the first leg 1-0, so Chelsea got the better of the points. It took an injury time equalizer from Drogba, but it’s put Barcelona in a tough spot, 3rd in the Group behind Chelsea and Bremen.

    Tough Group

  • Rasputin

    Hello Heath & everyone else …

    Tough game for Barcelona as now they are in a tough position. Manchester United were beaten & Arsenal could only manage a tie in Moscow & I watched that game it was a tough one for them. I guess we can say it was a tough week for English clubs in Champions League play.

  • yoyo

    FC Copenhagen reminded Manchester United (and everyone else) that going on the road is no easy task in Europe.

    Liverpool continued to play well in Europe and advanced. I expect United and Chelsea to follow suit. Arsenal left themselves a lot of work to do, but I’d be surprised if they don’t advance as well.

    The knockout rounds should bring some good competition.

  • Rasputin

    Yes it will only become more difficult. The Arsenal game I watched. They had many chances & did not play bad. It’s just CSKA Moscow did not play bad either. It was a tough games for both teams. As for Manchester United I saw that game as well. They were missing three key players & it showed. I think it’s Barcelona that should be worried as in their group they are in third place & it’skind of hard to believe as they just don’t look anything like the same team they were a year ago.

  • Heath Young

    I’m with you Rasputin. I would be worried if I were Frank Rijkaard. 3rd in the group, 2 points behinde Werder Bremen.

    That said, they do have location going in their favor at this point. The easier match (though there are no easy matches) is an away match vs Levski, and the more difficult match that they will really need a result in is home to Bremen. With that and Bremen still to play Chelsea at Chelsea, a lot could happen to switch Barce and Bremen in the group A standings.

  • Anonymous

    Barca will win!!!

  • Keeeper King

    Dude this happened like two years ago.