Messi Delighted With Henry Deal

Barcelona playmaker Lionel Messi says he is pleased to welcome Thierry Henry to the Nou Camp.

The Arsenal striker is moving to Spain in a £16 million deal after agreeing a four-year contract.

“Henry is huge, for that reason he comes to Barca,” Messi told El Mundo Deportivo.

“A footballer of his quality, with what he has won and almost 30 years old, does not take the risk of going to a team that is not at its peak.

“Titi has demonstrated over the years that he is a great player. Cesc (Fabregas) always says that Titi is fantastic in training and is even better off the pitch as a friend and a leader.”

Questions are being asked about where Henry will fit into a forward line already containing Messi, Ronaldinho and Samuel Eto’o.

“To me, the presence of Henry does not worry me, I am no longer a boy and I know my possibilities,” insisted Messi.

“I do not know how we will play, that is an aspect that (manager Frank) Rijkaard must solve.

“But Henry’s signing is because Frank will know how to make it work so that we are stronger.”


  • bredred

    This will be the true legion of doom. Henry messi Eto’o and ronaldinho will strike terror into defensive lines all around the world

  • giova * * * *

    I think an ego competition is on the way for the very players you mentioned. Having all these quality players might give Barcelona the Galactico syndrome and we all know what happened to Real Madrid when they had that disease.

  • Dave

    Forget about watching Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid, both Milans’ & Juve next year dudes the ones to watch are gonna be Barca & Bayern this coming season in Europe. These two clubs have made the most interesting signings so far so it should be good to watch these two teams do their business on the pitch. Forget all the rest dudes Barca & Bayern will rock your world this coming season! Oh yeah I’m gonna include Roma & Valencia into the mix of teams to watch they also have good teams & played well in CL this past year. Trash the rest!

  • Red Johnson

    Chances are there will be a clash of egos thats something I also agree on. If you think about it though thats the difference between a great player & a good player. Great players think they are larger than life & can do anything while good players lack that self belief edge. Great players end up playing for great clubs & also their countries. Good players end up playing for some Mickey Mouse outfit in some minor league or even worse a weekend rec league. Thats the glaring difference. Look into the mind of any world class great player & you will find an ego pushed & fueled by a larger than life will. Its not just a matter of having good skills & talent for the game. Its more about having a stronger mind than the average person to be able to push yourself far beyond the average.

  • Dave

    Good post Red dude! Good post.

  • Ken

    That’s a good point. You have to figure any professional player at that level is going to have an ego. It’s that quality that gives a player at that level that extra mental edge to push the limits everytime they walk out onto the pitch. It’s that trait that seperates the true professional for the minor league prima donna or the weekend rec league warrior. Players at the highest levels of course enjoy the sick amounts of money they make but I think deep down what really drives them is the quest for cups & medals & being considered the best amoung their peers.

  • soccer dr nyc

    well giova you know me i am or was barce
    and you are so right about what you just say.
    barce will win nothing i tell you this.

  • giova * * * *

    There are are few great players who did not have big egos, such as Zola, Delpiero, Gerrard etc…. you don’t have to be an ‘A’ hole to be good.

  • Ken

    It’s not a question of a player being an A – Hole or not. It’s about having that intense drive to be the best & strong self belief which believe it or not are forms of the human ego. Top players of the world have that never say die mental toughness. They have thick skin & can enforce themselves out on the pitch. That’s the difference between a professional & somebody that wishe’s they were a professional. You have to have a nasty edge to you & be willing to use it from time to time if you want to survive at the professional level. Since you are more than likely a weekend rec player you might not grasp what I just said but it’s a reality of professioanl soccer for most pros.

  • giova * * * *

    Being a great player has nothing to do with being conceited. It’s one thing to beleive in yourself and play with confidence but I find it rediculous to hear that players with big egos have more mental toughness. Terell Owens is a case in point. He probably has one of the biggest egos n professional sports and can’t last on one team. He causes friction between players and as far as I’m concerned is a cancer to any team he joins. Back to soccer. I’ve only mentioned a few players above in my other post who were great and humble and true ambassadors of their sport and sportsmanship. Beleive me when I tell you not one of those players I’ve mentioned could be questioned for their mental toughness, and there are many more just like them that I haven’t mentioned (Tim Duncan of the NBA would be another good example). Francesco Totti has a big ego also and it ruined Italys chances at the last Euro. Now, I don’t know that any of you have psychology degrees but when it comes to figuring out a players mind, I just beleive what I see and hear. The ‘EGO’ is everything thats wrong with professional sports today.

  • Ken

    You have some good points but still the ego is what seperates a professional player from a non – professional player. At the professional level it’s not a question of a player going out to have fun with a kickabout with his peers. It’s about results & the ability to win as they are being pushed & pushed by club owners, managers, coache’s, trainers, & fellow teammates to excell & push & push for greater results which causes the professional player to have a very hard outlook on the game. Most pros you could meet on the street would chances are come off as normal average everyday people but they transform on the pitch as they have to in order to survive. I guess that was my point all along as to why they have that mental toughness that can be at times misunderstood as a huge ego. At the professional level it’s no longer a game for them to be enjoyed. It’s all about the result.

  • giova * * * *

    You do make some valid points, but your train of thought seems to get lost a little bit in the contradictive statements that were made. My point is that people are people and some people are better at certain things than others, wether it be skill, mental toughness, creativeness….whatever. Just because you are better at something than someone else does not mean it is right to flaunt, boast or put your opponent down. You put your opponent down with results not with shameful showboating, boasting or negative remarks. Superiority in skill, mental toughness and creativity should be more than enough. Do you catch my drift bro?

  • Ken

    Yes I catch your drift. I do not care for it when I see players trash talking one another on the field either but whether I like it or not it’s part of the game. I guess at that level regardless who the player is or what country they hail from or what club they play for they all to a point put on their best Clint Eastwood game face. I know that might sound a bit stupid for me saying so but it’s the best way I can discribe it. These professionals have to have a very thick skin as the demands on them are great so it takes a person with a certain type of strong self belief, mental toughness & an ego to be able to rise to that kind of challenge. Guess that’s what makes them proessional players.

  • giova * * * *

    Well said Morgan, well said.

  • alex madrid

    barcelona is the best in the world and henrey is a good player they are going to win lots of things together

  • Keeeper King

    Money will be a big topic of controversy in the locker room. I can tell you that right now. Also I would say players would try to shine to much and start making stupid moves or plays.