Messi Furious With Reports Of Lack Of Team Spirit

Lionel Messi has responded vehemently to suggestions that the the Barcelona dressing room is fractured.

“I get furious when I read stories of disputes within the team,” the Argentine told World Soccer magazine.

“How could we have had as much success if we were not united?

“There is great spirit within the team, which is what helps us win games.”

Speaking about his own development, he said: “Football is a team sport, and I continue to learn from my team-mates.

“I am proud to play for Barcelona. They have been the only club of my professional career, as much in mind as in heart.

He also spoke about the comparisons between his now famous goal (against Getafe) and Diego Maradona’s (from Mexico ’86).

“Maradona was very nice with me, when he spoke about that game,” he revealed. “However, he was a unique player. Nobody has managed to do what he did with the ball.

“I am thankful for his support and confidence.”


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