Messi Turns Down Inter Move

Barcelona whiz Lionle Messi has thanked Inter patron Massimo Moratti for his interest and admiration, but refused to move to Serie A, at least for some time yet.

“I know that he adores me and I am thankful for that,” said Messi, when asked about Moratti’s admiration. “But I will not leave Barcelona.

“I won’t play in Italy. At least, not at the moment. I am happy at Barcelona and want to stay here for a long time.

“I have already said many times that I feel very wanted and loved here, and am thankful for all that the club have done for me.”

He then went on to suggest that it would also be best if Ronaldinho stayed put in La Liga.

“I believe that Serie A is a very competitve league, and a competition very different from La Liga,” he opined.

“However, I think the best thing for us is that both of us remained here next year, to be able to do some great things over the next few seasons.”

He also spoke about Berlusconi’s alleged willingness to pay 100 million euros for Ronaldinho: “We are speaking of the best player of the world, so I think if someone had that money to spend, it is normal that they would want to spend on such a player.”


  • bredred

    I can’t believe Inter even had the nerve to try and get him. Messi is Barca’s gem in the crown, they would never sell him

  • Jan

    I have to agree with you & besides. The league is Spain is much more stable than the league it Italy.

  • wolfen

    Th liga in Spain is more stable organization wise, but The serie A and the Premier league are the two toughest to play in by far,especially for forwards,I won’t be surprised if in time a big team wouldn’t snatch Messi,not to say that Barca isn’t a big team, God forbid,they are amongst the elite, but Man U,Chelsea , Juve ,Inter or Milan will try,he’s definitely worth trying.

  • manace

    is messi going to play for milan

  • Anonymous

    did ac milan beat liverpool

  • giova * * * *

    not yet anonymous

  • Spivey Point

    Messi might be young but he know’s who butter’s his bread. For a player like Messi he’s in the right league at the right club. The league in Spain is much more stable than serie A in Italy. It would be a step backwards for Messi to go to Italy & play. serie A is not what it used to be like it was in the glory days’ of th 1980’s They have a lot of work to do there to clean things up in order to attract the same type of volume of top imported players like they were able to do in the 1980’s. You can’t blame the players’ that play there or the one’s that left. The blame goes to the greed driven club owners. They really hurt their own league & they don’t even care. It’s no wonder the fans’ there are so frustrated & are so angry. All that needs to be cleaned up in order for serie A to climb back up to claim to be the premier league for professional club soccer. At the moment it’s like the wild west. Totally lawless.

  • Dave

    Sad but true Spivey, sad but true. serie A was at one time the best league in the world. Not anymore.