miCoach – play smart Compete. Share. Compare.

miCoach is adidas’ latest game changer! It’s a wireless personal performance tracker that easily fits into most of adidas’ premium shoes (firm ground, artificial grass, training and more). miCoach is the fastest, most technologically advanced way to measure fitness levels and game performance in order to gauge progress and improvement.

miCoach measures every movement and every second of action. It records sprints, speed, distance, time, movements, etc. and then sends it all wirelessly to your phone or computer. It stores up to eight hours worth of data, which can then be compared with previous stats, team stats, league stats – and even the stats of pros in the MLS and abroad. You can also share (brag about) your stats with friends and teammates via the miCoach site, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

As advanced as it is, adidas’ miCoach is still extremely simple to use. miCoach weighs almost nothing (0.2 oz) and fits easily into the soles of many adidas shoes. Whether playing or training, your movements are captured – wirelessly and effortlessly. The miCoach sensor just slides under the insole of all compatible shoes. If your running shoes aren’t compatible, clip miCoach to your laces (recommended only for running/training shoes, never for cleats as it would definitely come between you and the ball). adidas apparel is also now being created with miCoach pockets. Once you’re wearing the miCoach, it’s very easy to forget it’s there. When your match or training is finished, just plug the miCoach pod into your phone or computer. It will seamlessly upload your data and compare it with previous stats.

miCoach is backed up with adidas’ useful miCoach site, Facebook page and a smart phone app. On miCoach.com, players create personalized coaching programs designed specifically for training needs. Site users also choose training plans or create their own, track workout progress, get coaching feedback and see definitive improvements.

In addition to some of the brightest stars abroad, adidas’ miCoach will be used by all MLS teams in their uniforms and footwear this season. miCoach is the most innovative tool available for any player dedicated to improving their performance.

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