MLS 2006 Season: Bold Predictions

MLS 2006
The 11th season of Major League Soccer kicks off this weekend. Which teams will rise to the top? What will the big story lines be? Will this be the breakout season for Freddy Adu, or will another young star grab the spotlight? Make your bold predictions here!


  • tonyd

    I think New England takes it this year. Dempsey, Twellman, noonan are good. i don’t think Adu breaks out, but I want to see Wynne play. And I think Chivas will win more than a handful.

  • Trent

    Real Salt Lake ALL THE WAY!

  • B A

    i think everyone should go check out the new chivas player brent whitfield. he is so fast and one of the best scorers i’ve seen and played with.

  • yuk

    go Houston and Revs

  • Kurtis

    Real Salt lake doms! Real will kick B.U.T.T this year. Better watch out our Real will do some KONG FO on you. ya that’s right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I O U

    Real Salt Lake has my vote. Other teams are not as good as Real. The only thing i’m scared of right now is Galaxy. So bring it on Real will at least make semi’s.

  • sk8ta 87

    If Dynamo and Red Bulls go to the semi’s I’ll be so ticked. Real Salt Lake will take it all the way no doubt about it. So be afraid be really afraid and I’m not kidding.

  • xavier

    Eddie Pope is going to lead Real Salt Lake all the way.

  • jorge

    go new england there going to win this year only going to lose 5 games this year

  • jorge

    lets go new england

  • Anonymous

    G-A-L-A-X-Y G-A-L-A-X-Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dan

    New England all the way

  • jack

    Lets go New England

  • me

    DC wins it all

  • Anonymous


  • Pedro

    the Chivas a real team; will take the whole tournment, they will only lose once!!! muahahauahah! GOOOOOOO CHIvas

  • bob

    wasup my home dogs england rocks i’m 10 years old and england is going to kick but and win the world cup email me at

  • Dominic

    GO FIRE haha the only reason i’m going with fire is because i play for West Michigan Fire Jr. But i want New England Revs to win it all

  • Perr@ M*****

    why you delete mi mesage? I no no what i do rong.

  • crush32

    Galaxy all the way!

  • beaner

    all about dem goats, go chivas usa, they’re the best of the mls

  • john b

    landon donovan and the galaxy are going to the mls cup again because donovan is happy were he is so he will play better because of the fans

  • Bobby

    Chivas Sucks! Chivas Sucks! Chivas Sucks!
    LA Galaxy! LA Galaxy all the way!

  • mike pancho

    I think that chivas is one of the worst teams ever.

  • Keeeper King

    Using My Magic T.V. watching abilities I believe that M.L.S. cup will be won be Houston Dynamo over New England Revolution In a Penalty Kick shoutout