Mourinho: Porto Are The Best Team I've Coached

Mourinho will face his past: “We had a group of players that went from zeros to heroes.”

Through an interesting twist of fate Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho will go back to face his past, which has made him one of the top football coaches in the world. That past at Porto is considered by him as his “golden age”, or almost: “It was my best team, I can’t remember seeing any team defend so well. We won the Uefa Cup, the Champions League, it represented 50 per cent of the national team which was second at Euro 2004 and reached the semi-finals of the World Cup. It was a group of players who went from nothing to everything in no time.”

In comparing his old club to his current one, Mourinho said: “If you ask me whether Chelsea are stronger I say yes, but the team I enjoyed most assembling was the one that brought me the first Portuguese championship and the Uefa Cup.”

But while in Oporto they might be hoping for a “gift” from their old mentor, the Blues coach confirmed Chelsea are aiming to go for European success after winning two Premiership titles in a row: “We’ve won two league titles and we are in the third year where, without losing the characteristics that made us win in England, we want to do more on the European level.”


  • wolfen

    That’s what it means to have a great coach,he can push the players to the limit and the results come.

  • TNT

    the only time one man can make a difference is the….COACH.

  • giova * * * *

    great comment wolfen. It’s nice to know someone so intelligent about the sport like you can grace us with your opinions. When Porto won with Mourinho they had very good undiscovered players. Everybody took them too lightly and Yes Mourinhos tactical decisions did factor in on Porto winning Europe. Truth is though, if you don’t have players with heart or skill you won’t go anywhere. Just ask Fabio Capello, sure he’s got a lot of skill at his disposal but wheres the heart? Even Chelsea is starting to look beatable.